In a bit of news that comes as no surprise, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has formally and proudly announced that it is backing John McCain’s reelection bid. The perpetually crabby Arizona Senator and Sunday morning blabfest fixture is looking to nail down his sixth term – that will be a whopping 36 years if he doesn’t die on the job. McCain is one of the leaders of the Gang of Eight that was nearly able to foist off a free pass to millions of wetbacks, scratchbacks and other illegal aliens of the sort that have occupied McCain’s home state, committing crimes, leeching off the taxpayers and driving down wages. The establishment badly wants to seal the deal on amnesty for it’s Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce backers and knows that it can always count on the old goat to throw his clout behind the effort.

“NBC News reports “U.S. Hispanic Chamber Endorses Sen. John McCain for Re-Election”:

Sen. John McCain, facing a tough race for Senate re-election, picked up the endorsement of U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce president Javier Palomarez.

Palomarez also was to join McCain, R-Ariz., on the campaign trail Thursday. The endorsement is believed to be the first ever by the chamber of a candidate, based on a records search.

The endorsement is significant because of Arizona’s history of immigration crackdowns and their effect on Latinos in the state. The frontrunner status of Donald Trump, and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, has been seen as a potential negative for down-ballot candidates like Sen. McCain, particularly those in states with high Latino voting populations. The share of Latinos in Arizona who are eligible voters is 21.5 percent.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce … Hispanic businesses are vital to Arizona’s economy and add to the cultural fabric of our state,” McCain said in a statement.

Palomarez said in a statement that McCain had served the state “with nobility and undeniable zeal.”

“From uniting the nation through bipartisan legislation in the wake of September 11th, to working alongside the USHCC to urge the swift confirmation of America’s next Mexican ambassador Roberta Jacobson, to leading the passage of the comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate, Sen. McCain has devoted his life to placing his love of country ahead of self-interest and political partisanship,” Palomarez stated.

McCain drew a primary challenger from the far right, state Sen. Kelli Ward, a conservative who has said McCain has disappointed conservatives. Also in the race, business owner Alex Meluskey. Should he survive the primary, he also could face a tough challenge from U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz.

McCain may not be as popular with many Arizonans – the state GOP actually voted to censure his ass two years ago – and there are still likely raw nerves after he insulted Trump supporters last summer after a big Phoenix rally but he should cruise to victory in November. Some chatter had been made about a primary challenge but talk is cheap and McCain is an establishment darling who will undoubtedly get a boatload of out of state help, like from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Senator McCain is the strongest argument for term limits that can possibly be made.