While the battle for the soul of the Republican party and the republic itself has descended into the tabloid muck and venomous personal attacks, the real issues have been parked on the back burner. This is exactly the way that the corrupt bipartisan establishment likes it because of the smokescreen that covers up their ongoing rackets. It is always easier to bamboozle voters with tales about Donald Trump’s campaign manager being hit with a bogus misdemeanor battery charge or tweeting out unflattering photos of Ted Cruz’s wife but such slime and sleaze don’t allow for discussion of existential issues.

For instance, such trivial matters as securing our porous borders, stopping the American job destroying Trans-Pacific Partnership aka Obamatrade, properly screening Muslim entrants who could be agents of ISIS and the fleecing of taxpayers to fund NATO and other foreign bloodsuckers are given short shrift. So in what is a refreshing interlude a large union representing thousands of those tasked with the thankless and futile job of defending our borders has endorsed Donald Trump.

The Hill reports that “Border patrol union endorses Trump”:

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) is throwing its support behind Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, its first-ever presidential endorsement.

“The NBPC has had a longstanding practice of not endorsing presidential candidates in the primaries,” the organization said in a statement on Wednesday. “We will not, however, shy away from voicing our opinions as it pertains to border security and the men and women of the United States Border Patrol.”

The group said that if the borders are not secured, communities will “continue to suffer at the hands of gangs, cartels and violent criminals preying on the innocent.”
They praised Trump’s stance on immigration and said he could change the nation’s policies.

“Unlike his opponents, Donald Trump is not a career politician, he is an outsider who has created thousands of jobs, pledged to bring about aggressive pro-American change, and who is completely independent of special interests,” the statement continued. “We don’t need a person who has the perfect Washington-approved tone, and certainly NOT another establishment politician in the W.H.

“Indeed, the fact that people are more upset about Mr. Trump’s tone than about the destruction wrought by open borders tells us everything we need to know about the corruption in Washington,” the group added.

The union also hailed Trump for not being politically correct or “subservient” to foreign countries and special interests and said he was responsible for making illegal immigration a key issue in the race.

“Mr. Trump is correct when he says immigration wouldn’t be at the forefront of this presidential campaign if months ago he hadn’t made some bold and necessary statements,” the statement reads.

“And when the withering media storm ensued he did not back down one iota. That tells you the measure of a man. When the so-called experts said he was too brash and outspoken, and that he would fade away, they were proven wrong. We are confident they will be proven wrong again in November when he becomes President of the United States.”

When the discussion is kept on the real issues – instead of the rot that passes for political discourse in late stage Obamastan – Trump smacks it out of the park. The GOP establishment and it’s media whores have done very well in exploiting the tried and true Saul Alinsky maxim of: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it” which may save the jobs of a lot of consultants but is a recipe for losing the election to Hillary Clinton.