Ohio Governor John Kasich is a man on a mission, despite having little appeal with voters he continues to stick around in the race for the Republican nomination. Kasich’s presence is causing great consternation to the Ted Cruz campaign which sees him as hoarding the needed anti-Trump votes that the Texas Senator so desperately needs to remain viable. Whatever Kasich lacks in appeal to voters he more than makes up for in tenacity and chutzpah and his Super PAC has just launched a negative ad looking to damage “Lyin’ Ted” in the critical Wisconsin primary on Tuesday.

As reported by The Hill “Pro-Kasich ad slams ‘Lyin’ Ted’”:

A new ad produced by a super-PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate John Kasich slams rival Ted Cruz for lying.

The 30-second ad, titled “Nose,” was produced by New Day for America.

“Many just call him Lyin’ Ted,” the ad starts out, referring to a nickname coined for the Texas senator by front-runner Donald Trump.

The ad shows an image of Cruz, his nose growing throughout the spot and wrapping around his neck.

The ad called the Texas senator out for his campaign’s dissemination of rumors that Ben Carson was dropping out before the Iowa caucuses.

The ad also says Cruz lied about “being the best for the GOP when polls show he can’t even beat Hillary Clinton.”

“If Ted Cruz’s mouth is moving, he’s lying,” the ad concludes.

Kasich’s campaign has argued that it will do well in the upcoming contests and has touted its poll numbers in head-to-head match ups with Clinton, even as many in the GOP call for him to drop out.

Cruz has in the past called Kasich a “spoiler” who will keep Cruz from securing the nomination before the convention this summer.

New Day for America is the same group that ran an ad last year comparing Trump to Hitler, the first of an endless parade of Nazi references invoked against the Donald. Ironically both Kasich and Cruz have the same goal which is to throw the nomination into a brokered convention in order to screw Trump – but given Cruz’s own problems with the establishment that scenario would favor the Ohioan whose state is hosting the event.