While it didn’t receive the media scrutiny that was given to Donald Trump after he predicted unrest at the upcoming brokered convention, a Black Lives Matter activist has warned of mayhem if Trump gets elected. Two weeks ago, BLM affiliated rapper Tef Poe took to Twitter to issue a threat to whitey that: “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know” yet it was greeted by the sound of crickets from those stalwart defenders of freedom and democracy in the mainstream media.

The financial blog Zero Hedge rescues Poe’s inciting of young blacks to riot in the article “Black Lives Matter Activist: “If Trump Wins We Will Incite Riots Everywhere””:

The social fallout from Trump’s rising popularity continues with the most disturbing event taking place recently when prominent Black Lives Matter activist and rapper Tef Poe tweeted a message for “white people”: if Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere.’

“Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted. A screenshot of the tweet was captured below by the Daily Media.


Mr. Poe, who posts under the handle War Machine III deleted the tweet but not before it had been captured and archived.

During the course of our ongoing downward trajectory there has been no bigger culprit than a consolidated and corrupt national media that rather than acting as a vital check on entrenched power have instead served as it’s courtiers and propagandists. While it isn’t widely known in the land of the willfully ignorant, the media has undergone a wave of restructuring and capture by huge corporations to the point where only a handful of the biggest entities control the information flow to Americans. Thank Slick Willie and his 1996 Telecommunications Act for that, it was the same snake oil that was peddled on the premise that it would lower cable television rates due to more competition and we see how that turned out.

The failure to consistently cover Black Lives Matter aggression and threats to burn and pillage while portraying Trump as some sort of anti-American tyrant right out of Nazi Germany is but one example of how the media stacks the deck. Recall that big Trump rally in Chicago where hordes of blacktivists, aspiring commies and MoveOn.org hooligans gathered to intimidate and shut down what was a legitimate expression of free speech – and yet it is the Trump supporters who are constantly referred to as Brownshirts.

Some conservative news websites such as Breitbart News, Infowars and the Gateway Pundit reported on this yahoo’s call to violence but it didn’t mesh with big media’s ongoing narrative to smear Trump and his backers and racist thugs who would be down with rounding up minorities. The establishment – and especially the Clinton political machine – needs BLM and it’s ilk to preserve the status quo though so it is perfectly logical as to why there is such a glaring double standard in play here.