Republican National Committee chairman Reinhold “Reince” Priebus hit the Sunday morning blab fest circuit to begin the job of selling a brokered convention to the public. Priebus – along with Paul Ryan and Scott Walker – is one of the dons in the cheesehead mafia that is looking to whack Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday. The RNC chief appeared on all five network shows in a tour de force performance that would even give John McCain and Lindsey Graham a case of whiplash. The message is that the party elite is now in the process of rigging the game and openly stealing delegates from Trump by using his flouting of the RNC’s Stalinist loyalty pledge as the excuse.

Time magazine online reports that “GOP Chairman an Warns Of ‘Consequences’ for Trump Over Broken Loyalty Pledge”:

Donald Trump’s reversal on a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee could have consequences, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday.

In appearances on all five Sunday news shows, Priebus sought to reassure Republicans that the party is preparing for the likelihood of a contested convention, while rebutting criticism of the arcane delegate selection rules leveled by the front-runner. Trump has called the system “unfair” and has said he should be awarded the nomination even if he falls short of the 1,237 delegates—a majority—required to win the nomination at the party’s convention in Cleveland in July.

Responding to Trump’s decision to abandon his loyalty pledge on ABC’s This Week, Priebus said the decision could deepen Trump’s delegate troubles. “Those kinds of comments I think have consequences,” Priebus said. ” And so when you make those kinds of comments, and you want people to fall in line for you, it makes it more difficult.”

“If you were running for president of the Kiwanis Club or the Boy Scouts and you said you don’t know if you like the Kiwanis or the Boy Scouts, I think that makes your challenge even greater to ultimately win those kinds of posts,” he added. “It’s not different for the Republican Party.”

The party machinery in South Carolina is already in full swing to strip Trump of the delegates that he won fair and square in the primary and the same chicanery is afoot in Tennessee. The establishment is taking advantage of a series of gaffes by the front-runner as well as an unprecedented and sustained media scourging more fitting for Vladimir Putin or Saddam Hussein instead of a loyal American. Trump had best realize that he is doomed with the GOP and immediately begin to make contingency plans for a third party run while there is still time to get ballot access.

The preference of the big donors is House Speaker Paul Ryan aka GOP Jesus and come hell or high water Priebus is going to do whatever it takes to make that a reality this July.