While the entire establishment media gloats and dances on the Donald’s political grave as they salivate over what by all indications will be a crushing loss in the Wisconsin primary, the GOP front-runner isn’t going down without a fight. The Republican bosses and their media lackeys have set up what could be a fatal trap in the Badger State using Governor Scott Walker’s political machine as well as the goodwill that exists towards RNC boss Reinhold “Reince” Priebus and House Speaker Paul Ryan but the whole thing is a well-planned scam to rig the game at this summer’s brokered convention. This is evident by the ongoing inclusion of Ohio Governor John Kasish who has to this point only won his home state but remains in the race as a spoiler. Ted Cruz may be the cock of the walk these days, basking in the adoration of the GOPe and being feted on conservative talk radio as if he was a king but that poison dipped dagger will be embedded in his back once it has been used on Trump.

So Trump has now joined Cruz in calling for Kasich to just piss off and go away. As reported by the damned liberal New York Times “Donald Trump Calls for John Kasich to Drop Out”:

Donald J. Trump called for Gov. John Kasich of Ohio to drop out of the Republican primary contest, saying that Mr. Kasich “should not be allowed to run.”

Mr. Trump said on Sunday that Mr. Kasich, who has so far finished first in just one primary — in his home state, Ohio — could ask to put his name under consideration for the nomination at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July. But he said Mr. Kasich was siphoning votes from him and called on the Republican National Committee to urge him to drop out.

“Kasich shouldn’t be allowed to continue, and the R.N.C. shouldn’t allow him to continue,” Mr. Trump told a small group of reporters at Miss Katie’s Diner here.

Mr. Trump, who is struggling to make up ground against Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in Wisconsin, which votes on Tuesday, argued that Mr. Kasich had no chance of winning the 1,237 delegates required to earn the party’s nomination and should therefore end his 2016 bid.

“Rand Paul could’ve stayed in and he had nothing, Marco Rubio could have stayed in, Jeb Bush could have stayed in,” Mr. Trump said, listing some of his previous Republican rivals who had since ended their campaigns. “They all could have stayed in. They could have just stayed in. That’s all he’s doing.”

Mr. Trump, who last week met with R.N.C. officials in Washington, said he had been mentioning his concerns to committee officials, including Reince Priebus, the party’s chairman.

“I said, ‘Why is a guy allowed to run?’” He said. “All he’s doing is just he goes from place to place, and loses, and he keeps on running.”

Mr. Trump added that he told the R.N.C. that the situation was “very unfair.”

“He doesn’t have to run and take my votes,” Mr. Trump said.

While Governor Kasich continues to be coy about his role in the brokered convention taking place in his state while continuing to slyly push the idea – he touted it as “so cool” during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning even the Cruz people may be starting to see the writing on the wall. It is being reported by the Hill that “Trump, Cruz camps looking to block Kasich from convention ballot”:

The campaigns of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are trying to block rival John Kasich’s name from appearing on the ballot at the Republican National Convention, MSNBC reported Sunday.

Both Trump and Cruz have a large delegate lead over Kasich, with Trump at the head of the pack.

Trump called Sunday on Kasich to drop out the race, arguing the Republican National Committee shouldn’t allow the candidate to continue his presidential bid because he has no chance of securing the nomination. He said the “the RNC shouldn’t allow” Kasich to appear on the ballot, according to MSNBC.

A senior Cruz campaign aide told MSNBC he expects the the Rules Committee at the convention to “require a level of support that would leave only two candidates on the ballot at the convention.”

The Trump and Cruz campaign are in support of a rule that would require a candidate to get a certain amount of support to appear on the ballot.

A past rule requires a candidate to get a majority of the delegates in at least eight states to get on the convention ballot.

“If the campaigns can convince a majority of delegates on the Rules Committee and in the convention, then they can pass an eight-state rule,” former RNC general counsel Ben Ginsberg told MSNBC.

That rule would prevent Kasich from getting on the ballot.

Kasich is predicting a contested convention. He said Sunday morning he expects to be the Republican nominee coming out of an open convention, touting his poll numbers in head-to-head match ups with Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and his record as Ohio governor.

The establishment is going to make damned sure that neither Trump nor Cruz bust up their cozy racket and while the media is reveling in pitting them against each other so as to weaken both the writing is on the wall that Kasich is a key factor in thwarting the will of the voters. While it is not set in stone that Gov. Kasich will indeed be the nominee of choice – Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney are more likely – he will have the home field advantage in Ohio where he controls the state political machinery just as Scott Walker does in cheeshead nation.