By the time that the news services were calling the race it was already a foregone conclusion that the Trump revolution would be derailed in Wisconsin. The establishment had bet the house on cheesehead nation to provide the narrative shifting setback that the so-called experts had been predicting since last July and the voters there delivered as commanded. It was just a simple matter of leveraging Governor Scott Walker’s formidable political machine against the hated billionaire outsider and using it as a knockout punch after weeks of blistering media takedowns of Trump. The Donald had even less chance of winning there than he did in Texas or Ohio but now the Republican primaries have run out of establishment friendly governors who will carry the water for the RNC-Wall Street-Chamber of Commerce axis of avarice.

The celebration over the front-runner’s loss began immediately with the Washington Post crowing about the GOPe’s “landslide” in the story “Cruz declares Wisconsin ‘a turning point’ in the GOP campaign”:

Ted Cruz rolled to a landslide victory Tuesday in Wisconsin’s hotly contested Republican presidential primary, capitalizing on a difficult stretch for Donald Trump to cut into the front-runner’s overall delegate lead and deliver a psychological blow to the billionaire mogul.

Though the senator from Texas is reviled by many party leaders for his explosive and polarizing brand of politics, Cruz won over establishment Republicans as well as grass-roots conservative activists across this state who had come together in an urgent push to stop Trump. Late returns showed him leading Trump by a wide margin.

Cruz hopes his Wisconsin win transforms the trajectory of the race. Wisconsin adds a important Midwestern bellwether to the basket of mostly Southern or rural states he has won to date, giving the Texan evidence that he can appeal beyond ultra-conservative and religious voters.

Savoring his biggest night since winning the kickoff Iowa caucuses in February, Cruz declared before cheering supporters here in Milwaukee: “Tonight is a turning point. It is a rallying cry. It is a call from the hardworking men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America: We have a choice — a real choice.”

Trump remains in a favorable position nationally, but Cruz now has fresh momentum heading into future contests and Tuesday’s results increase the possibility that the nomination battle spills onto the floor of the party’s July convention in Cleveland.

There was triumphalism but not much love for Cruz who will be discarded like a used condom once he has successfully thwarted Trump from clinching the nomination. The Romney plan has never been even remotely about an actual Cruz presidential candidacy and all about the brokered convention. Now that the big drubbing has gone off exactly as planned it is time for Team Trump to move on to the New York primary in two weeks – another 14 days for the media to engage in smear tactics – and take care of business. The Tuesday night clobbering pretty much seals the deal on the Republican party leader not nailing down the nomination before Cleveland but there needs to be some message discipline, fewer distractions and a lot better self-awareness from the candidate himself – he quite simply needs to stop stepping on his own dick. Trump needs to intensify his criticism of the ruinous globalist trade deals that Ryan, Cruz, Romney, Walker and their ilk are trying to cram down the throats of Americans as a going away gift to Emperor Obama.

This morning’s news cycle is chock a block with stories about how Cruz has now “reset” the race and that Trump is a “sore loser” for correctly calling “Lyin’ Ted” out as an establishment “Trojan Horse” but that will peter out soon enough once the establishment euphoria dissipates.