Despite widespread reports of it’s imminent demise the Bernie Sanders campaign isn’t over yet. The resilient Vermont socialist dealt another blow to the Clinton crime family in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary which put an exclamation point on Queen Hillary’s unpopularity issues. Sanders has run off an impressive streak of wins vs. the unsinkable Hillary and both the old goat and his Kool Aid drinking supporters are getting increasingly bold that they can pull off the upset. Bold enough that they are beginning to talk about mounting a challenge to dethrone the queen at this summer’s Democratic party convention in Philadelphia. Combined with the GOPe’s own brokered convention to keep Donald Trump from kicking over the tables of the entrenched party moneychangers it is one hell of a wild year on politics – historically wild.

CBS reports on the emboldened Sanders campaign in the story “Bernie Sanders’ campaign: We’re discussing contested convention scenario”:

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is preparing for a possible contested convention this July, his campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Wednesday.

“We have begun some discussions internally on how that will be handled,” Weaver said in an interview with USA Today, a day after the Vermont independent won Wisconsin’s Democratic primary.

A contested convention is a real possibility on the Republican side, but for the Democrats, it seems highly unlikely, although Sanders has won several recent contests. Not only is Hillary Clinton leading Sanders among regular delegates, but she also has a significant number of superdelegates who have pledged to support her at the convention in Philadelphia this summer.

Sanders’ campaign, however, views New York’s April 19 primary as a major opportunity to reset the Democratic race.

“If Hillary Clinton were to lose New York in terms of her credibility as a front-runner who’s going to represent the Democratic Party in November. I think it would shake a lot of people’s confidence,” Weaver said.

A Marist poll released Wednesday shows that the two are virtually tied nationally: Sanders has 49 percent, compared to Clinton’s 47 percent.

According to CBS News’ latest count, Clinton has 1,748 delegates and Sanders has picked up 1,052.

“I think they’re very upset about where they are,” Weaver said Wednesday about Clinton’s campaign. “They can’t conceive that they would ever be in a position where Bernie Sanders would have won seven of the last eight contests and be within 10 points in New York, her home state. It’s inconceivable to them.”

It wasn’t supposed to be this way for Mrs. Cllinton who spent the better part of the last seven years stewing over being schlonged by a smooth talking young hustler named Barack Obama in 2008. It was to have been a slam dunk but there is a reason why Hillary lost to Barry and that hasn’t changed – she is still a surly, untrustworthy, dishonest and unlikeable bitch on wheels only now with the additional baggage of those damned emails and Benghazi.

Sanders’ staying power is something to be marveled at considering that he is up against the Democratic party Death Star of the Clinton machine. The New York primary is crucial and if voters in the Empire State are feeling the Bern it will contribute to what is becoming a nightmarish scenario for Bill and Hillary and their minions. Instead of taking advantage of the GOP establishment’s scorched earth war on it’s own front-runner to hone her act for the general election Mrs. Clinton is still having to deal with trying to put down a pesky insurgency. While the odds remain prohibitively stacked against Sanders he could make it very interesting, after all the Bolsheviks never had a majority either.