Not that Donald Trump is counting on getting much support from the professional thespian demographic – which is flush with bleeding heart types – but that is double the case when it comes to Mickey fucking Rourke. While he is far from a household name these days considering that his canon of work hit the high water mark in the 1980s in such movies as the twisted “9 ½ Weeks”, “Diner” and “The Pope of Greenwich Village” but the sheer vitriol of his anti-Trump rant is drawing attention. The washed up actor and former boxer unloaded on the Republican Party front-runner in an obscenity laced diatribe that is totally unsuitable for children or anyone who is appalled by such gutter talk so consider yourself forewarned.

Rolling Stone reports on the f-bomb saturated rant in the article “Mickey Rourke Rips Donald Trump: ‘He’s a Bully and a Bitch'”:

So while nothing Rourke says about the GOP frontrunner should come as a surprise anymore, his latest outburst may have accomplished something that is actually shocking: It kind of made us feel bad for Donald Trump.

While playing catch with a TMZ reporter in the streets of Beverly Hills on Wednesday night – the only way that sentence could be L.A. was if someone was earthing – Rourke launched into a lengthy rant filled with expletives, semi-homophobic slurs and body-shaming remarks that included calling his wife, Melania Trump, a gold digger.

“The biggest scumbag on the planet is that maggot with an ‘F’ in the front of it, Donald Trump,” Rourke said. “Fuck him. Fuck the horse he rode in on. I think that his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around. I know, I used to go out with a gold digger. I mean, how could you want to sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of shit and get your rocks off?”

Oh, and he didn’t stop there. Rourke, who claims Trump sued him and 2Pac years ago, even went so far as to threaten the presidential candidate, which, y’know, isn’t a great look (even when you look like Mickey Rourke).

“Donald Trump can go fuck himself,” he said. “He’s not a tough guy. He’s a bully and he’s a bitch, and he can suck my fucking dick. I’ll meet him in the hotel room any motherfucking day of the week and give him a Louisville Slugger. Kiss my motherfucking ass, you bitch, punk, cocksucker.”

Rourke’s tirade is a dead giveaway why he plied his trade in gritty action movies and other rough-edged roles and not more sophisticated fare along the lines of Shakespeare or even Dancing With the Stars. His tough guy persona – an extension of real life for Rourke – made him a poor fit for anything but one particular genre and he did manage to make a few damned good movies like “Year of the Dragon”, “Angel Heart” and “Johnny Handsome” but they were scattered among crap like “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” and numerous other bombs.  He briefly resurfaced to critical acclaim in the 2008 flick “The Wrestler” but his scourging of Trump is the most attention that he has received in years.