Despite the likelihood that teams from his home state will be crowned as champions in his lifetime being slim to none, John Kasich is pandering to sports fans by calling for the day after the Super Bowl to be declared a national holiday. The Ohio Governor continues to do just enough to stay in the presidential race to get to the brokered convention where anything can happen after the first ballot and all the advance work that the establishment has been putting in to screw Trump by rigging the delegates in places like Indiana could pay off for him . Hell, let’s face it as a die hard pro football fan I would be totally down with the idea although I wouldn’t vote for the conniving Kasich if a loaded gun was held to my head.

The Washington Post reports that “John Kasich says the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday”:

Ohio Governor and Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich is working hard to earn some late votes before November’s election. In an interview on ESPN’s “Dan Patrick Show,” Kasich tapped into the hearts of sports fans when he declared that the day following the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. (And of course, even if you aren’t a sports fan, who wouldn’t like another day off from work?)

In response to a question from Dan Patrick, Kasich said the Monday after the NFL’s championship should be a holiday.

“It should be. There’s no productivity whatsoever,” Kasich said. “I think it should be. I’m gonna take that under consideration. Maybe I can get that done in the first hundred days.”

Kasich could also be trying to gain votes from sports fans in New York, whose Giants have won two of the last nine Super Bowls. The state conducts its primary on April 19, and Kasich is trying to catch GOP front-runner Donald Trump and long-shot candidate Ted Cruz in the polls. Perhaps popular ideas like new national holidays might spark a late push.

And the Ohio governor has a point. A survey conducted by the Workforce Institute at Kronos before Super Bowl 50 estimated that 16.5 million Americans would not show up to work the day after the big game. The survey also showed that 10.5 million requested to take that Monday off in advance and that 7.5 million had the option to arrive late for work that day.

The Super Bowl has become a de facto national holiday and an American institution although it is in more often than not a pretty bad football game stuffed, chunked and wedged in between million dollar commercials that are as integral as the event itself. Kasich may not be winning states but he is working to appeal to certain demographics even as his super PAC – New Day for America – continues to pump out poisonous propaganda like Trump is a Nazi, Cruz is a Liar and the newest offering both Trump and Cruz are crazy. Who knows, maybe he can just manage to connect on that Hail Mary pass that will punch his ticket to the nomination.

Nice try but how about something to mandate holding the college football and basketball championship games on a weekend instead of freaking Monday night every year?