The backlash against forced diversity in the age of Obama has resulted in two big culture war wins with new laws in North Carolina and Mississippi to roll back the constantly advancing homosexual agenda. It wasn’t enough that millions of Americans have had same sex marriage forced down their throats by a rogue government and activist Supreme Court – something that many find untenable due to deeply held religious beliefs – but the liberals have been pushing for throwing open public restrooms to perverts and cross-dressers. Some states are drawing the line in the sand over creating an environment ripe for abuse by lurking sex offenders and potential rapists on the prowl for young female victims but those seeking to make America safe for degeneracy never give up. Take for example Harvard professor Bruce Hay who is calling for a national “pee-in” to protest religious freedom laws.

The conservative Daily Caller reports that “Harvard Professor Calls For National LGBT Rainbow ‘Pee-In’”:

A researcher and a professor from Harvard University called for a national “pee-in” movement by LGBT activists to protest the recent LGBT bills in North Carolina and Mississippi.

The article, published in a pro-LGBT magazine Wednesday, is written by Harvard Professor of law Bruce Hay and Mischa Haider, a researcher who describes herself as a “trans activist.” The pair call on transgender people to proudly go into the restroom opposite their anatomical gender at birth, regardless if they look like their new gender, all to make a statement.

“Additionally, men who make murderous threats against trans individuals for entering bathrooms with their ‘wives and daughters’ need to be held accountable,” the article reads.

The call to action comes via the LGBT publication The Advocate where the author also compares the laws preventing chicks with dicks from invading women’s restrooms to the Jim Crow era of segregation and likened the battle to the civil rights movement. The following is excerpted from the manifesto entitled “Time for a National ‘Pee-In’ Movement?”:

Not since the days of whites-only facilities has this country seen bigotry implemented by means of physical segregation as is done in the transphobic bathroom bills. One of the most potent ways in which black activists challenged racial segregation was by visibly and openly refusing to adhere to its strictures — for example, by sitting at forbidden lunch counters. The cruelty and backwardness of the segregationists was exposed for all to see, in stark contrast to the quiet dignity of the activists who refused to be dehumanized. Taking a page from history, trans activists and advocates should likewise destroy the veil of shame and invisibility being imposed on trans Americans.

A big reason why America is going to hell in a bucket is that the political establishment is jam-packed with Ivy League snobs who look down on ordinary citizens. The two centers of power in the USA, Wall Street and Washington D.C. are filled with graduates of elitist asshole factories like Harvard, Princeton and Yale who revel in their superiority. Big egos with pedigrees always know better than the rabble and never refrain from shouting it from the mountaintops and even worse – implementing policy. Such people are responsible for the squandering of America’s credibility, a loss of morality, endless bankrupting wars, a financial system that is a total scam and unable to function without government support and the dreaded nanny state. Now they want to force their twisted cultural supremacy on Americans with obscene attempts to get attention like this twisted horseshit.