While Wyoming may not matter much in the grand scheme of things to the highfalutin, effete liberal snobs who lust for the great Clinton restoration it is yet another alarming sign that real America hates Hillary. Frosty haired socialist insurgent Bernie Sanders cleaned Queen Hillary’s clock in Saturday’s caucus delivering yet another gut punch to the Democratic party establishment. While Sanders – much like the hated Donald Trump – is fiercely opposed by corrupt donors and bosses and has zero shot at the nomination it continues to be bad optics for Team Hillary.

Politico reports that “Sanders wins Wyoming caucuses” and points out that “It’s his eighth win in his last nine contests against Hillary Clinton”:

Bernie Sanders notched his eighth win in the last nine contests on Saturday in Wyoming, defeating Hillary Clinton 56 percent to 44 percent in their final showdown before New York’s pivotal primary later this month.

In Wyoming, where only 14 delegates were at stake in the Democratic caucuses, Clinton’s better-than-expected showing means Sanders will not make any dent in her lead of over 200 pledged delegates. But the Vermont senator’s win there will add fuel to his claim that he has the political momentum in the second half of the Democratic primary season.

After losing the state handily to Obama in 2008, Clinton managed to hold her own Saturday – she won the Wyoming’s two most populous counties, Natrona and Laramie. As a result, it’s unlikely Sanders will net more than a handful of delegates out of the result. Sanders has typically run stronger in Western caucuses, winning 70 percent of the vote or more in recent contests in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Utah and Washington state.

Nonetheless, Sanders is likely to lean heavily on his momentum argument coming out of Wyoming, as tensions have risen noticeably while both campaigns bear down on New York’s high-stakes contest — and its 247 delegates — on April 19. But far from resetting the race, the Wyoming results are at risk of getting lost in the rush of New York while both candidates campaign there on Saturday and Sunday. Sanders sought to make that didn’t happen Saturday.

“No question in my mind that we have the momentum. Some of the polls out there are reflecting that momentum,” said Sanders in press conference in Queens following his victory. “We expect and intend to do very well here in New York state and pick up a lot of delegates here and in some of the other states.

It’s inconceivable that Hillary would be shlonged again like she was by Barack Obama in 2008 but she continues to have difficulties in closing the deal instead of being able to capitalize on the GOP establishment’s civil war on it’s own front-runner. The Clinton crime family however has the right superdelegates in the bag and the head of the DNC – Debbie “the carp” Wasserman-Schultz – might as well be a paid Team Hillary staff member. With the big New York primary coming up it is imperative that Queen Hillary wins there because another win by Bernie and his army of Kool Aid drinking kooks may result in trouble at this summer’s convention in Philly.