It is a lamentable fact of life in late stage Obamastan that the only time that black on black violence is prominently covered in the media is when it involves a celebrity or former pro athlete. Such is the case with retired New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Will Smith who was gunned down in cold blood while out driving with his wife late Saturday night. Mr. Smith suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene, his wife was also shot twice but is expected to survive. The accused shooter – a big, fat Popeye’s chicken eatin’ motherfucker and a former local prep football star named Cardell Hayes is in custody.

According to the website of the New Orleans Times-Picayune “Ex-Saint Will Smith shot to death in New Orleans, coroner confirms”:

Will Smith, the former Saints defensive end, was killed and his wife was wounded in a late-night shooting in New Orleans on Saturday (April 9), authorities said.

Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse confirmed Smith was the fatal victim in the incident. Police said Smith’s wife was wounded and was taken to a hospital. The shooter is being questioned, police said.

The double shooting took place around 11:29 p.m., near the intersection of Sophie Wright Place and Felicity Street in the Lower Garden District, NOPD said.

Police said Smith, 34, and his wife, Racquel, were traveling eastbound on Sophie Wright Place when their Mercedes Benz SUV was rear-ended by a Hummer H2. The collision caused the Smith’s vehicle to hit a Chevrolet Impala traveling along the same street.

Smith and the driver of the Hummer “exchanged words, at which time the driver of the Hummer produced a handgun and shot the male victim (Smith) multiple times and his 34-year-old wife twice in the right leg,” said NOPD spokesman Juan Barnes.

Smith was pronounced dead at the scene. Racquel Smith was transported to a hospital, authorities said. Police said the 30-year-old driver of the Hummer is in custody and being interviewed by investigators. The gun used in the shooting has been recovered.

There will of course be no grandstanding from the usual conglomeration of obnoxious BLM blacktivists because when it doesn’t involve a white person black lives don’t seem to matter quite as much. If the situation was different and Smith would have been shot by a white cop the Reverend Al Sharpton would have led an endless caravan of race hustlers and outrage pimps into the Big Easy where they would riled up the locals and possibly incited riots. But in a land of double standards that has become a bubbling cauldron of racial animosity in the Obama era their absence is all too par for the course.