Fascism never sleeps in the star-spangled banana republic of Obamastan and the harassment of a New Jersey man over flying a Trump flag in support of the GOP front-runner is the latest example. Joe Hornick of the town of West Long Branch has been slapped with an obscure local ordinance that prohibits the display of political advertising outside of a designated time frame before elections. It’s one of those many ticky tack laws sitting on the books that can at anytime be selectively used to attack free speech and political expression that the local pols don’t agree with. Mr. Hornick’s home has been attacked by vandals and he is refusing to back down despite the threat of being thrown in jail for noncompliance.

As reported by USA Today “Guy who won’t take down Trump flag faces jail”:

“I’m not a football fan, I’m not a sports fan, but I’m surely a Donald Trump fan,” Joe Hornick tells NBC 4. The New Jersey man has been flying a Trump flag outside his home for months and he says he will go to jail rather than obey an ordinance in the town of West Long Branch against flying political flags more than 30 days before an election. New Jersey holds its primary on June 7, meaning it will be weeks before Hornick can legally fly the “Make America Great Again” banner. He has already been ticketed, and people have ripped down his flag at least five times. “I have a warehouse on alert, and I’ll put up a flag every time they tear one down,” Hornick says.

Hornick—who says that if Trump loses, he’ll rip up his registration card and never vote again—could get 90 days’ jail time or a $2,000 fine if he doesn’t take down the flag. Hornick says that he has a constitutional right to fly the flag, and the American Civil Liberties Union is supporting him, reports NY 101.5. According to Eugene Volokh at the Washington Post, Hornick is right: Banning political signs or placing similar restrictions on the content of signs violates the First Amendment, Volokh writes, though the city would be within its rights to apply content-neutral restrictions that applied to all signs.

It is a chilling preview of what soon awaits Trump supporters as the establishment becomes more desperate, they have already been smeared as bigots, racists, thugs and Nazis by the dastardly mainstream media and sanctioned harassment looms large. With the scarlet letters firmly affixed to their foreheads we will soon begin to read tales where employers are smacking Trump supporters with every rule in the human resources books for racial and sexual harassment if they dare to express their political views. This is the way that things work in a closing society and in the twilight of this once great country with the cresting wave of forced diversity washing away anything that remotely threatens opinions deemed to be acceptable by the establishment such things will become commonplace.