Working hard to recover from Slick Willie’s ugly public spat with unruly Black Lives Matter activists the Clintons are busily trying to mend fences. With the growing public perception that the Clinton crime family is unfit to rule again and unable to quash the Bernie Sanders uprising, nailing down the black vote becomes ever more important. Look for the race baiting to pick up in the coming weeks because the Clinton restoration depends on it as a motivational tool.

The Washington Post reports “After Black Lives Matter dust-up, Bill and Hillary Clinton shore up support with black voters“:

No group of voters has been more loyal to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary than black voters.

Yet she and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, spent an entire day courting black voters in half a dozen New York churches and at a campaign event in Baltimore.

Why? The effort comes after a week in which the long relationship between African American voters and the Clintons needed some reinforcement.

“This is a historic day,” Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) said as he introduced Bill Clinton at Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem on Sunday morning. “What makes it so important is that we have a chance to thank the Clinton family.”

It was a reminder that perhaps seemed necessary after last week, when a group of Black Lives Matter protesters once again raised an old and thorny issue that has dogged the Clintons in this campaign: their support for a 1994 crime bill. The protesters took issue with then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s use of the term “super predators,” which critics now see as coded racial language targeted primarily at black urban youth who had been caught up in drugs and violence.

While the Clintons may have trouble closing the deal with the unruly Black Lives Matter mob – a shifting mass of attention starved whiners – they are having little problem with mainstream African Americans who will turn out in droves at the polls provided that Bubba doesn’t alienate them with his loose tongue. The “we feel your pain” message will be augmented by increasing efforts to paint Donald Trump as the devil by morphing him into a modern day combination of Adolf Hitler and George Wallace as the Clinton machine rolls towards November. Whether or not the black vote succeeds in forcing the restoration of the Clinton dynasty on an already battered America remains to be seen but they will soon be forgotten once the votes have been counted – thanks for the ride suckers.