There may be depths to which Tricky Ted won’t sink to but they have yet to be discovered. With the wind in his sails and setting a course for this summer’s brokered convention the establishment sock puppet is now resorting to using liberal lies to smear front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz has proven how adept that he is at the art of distraction and just when attention begins to be paid to the down and dirty win in a Colorado caucus system where the party bosses rigged the game against Trump – Michael Savage has called for Cruz to renounce the scam – he slithers into bashing the Donald over inciting violence.

Breitbart News reports that “Cruz: Trump Campaign Has ‘Consistent Pattern of Inciting Violence,’ ‘Like Democratic Union Thugs’”:

Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz declared that fellow candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has a “consistent pattern of inciting violence, and threatening violence” and “Donald is behaving like a mobster. His campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs” on Tuesday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Cruz said, “I am very troubled at the Trump campaign’s consistent pattern of inciting violence, and threatening violence. Just today, I spoke to the Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party [Steve House], the Trump supporters put out his phone number, put out his address. He’s been receiving death threats. They’re telling people to come to his house with guns, because the Trump campaign is so unhappy that they lost the election.”

Cruz added that the CO GOP chairman had “received over 3,000 phone calls. He’s received vicious death threats from Trump supporters.”

He continued, “And it’s a systematic Trump strategy. Roger Stone, who has been Trump’s chief political advisor, threatened at the convention, he said, we’re going to make public, the hotel rooms of any delegates who cross Donald, threatening violence.” Cruz further stated that Stone “is pulling the strings on Donald Trump. He planned the Trump campaign, and he is Trump’s henchman and dirty trickster. And this pattern, Donald keeps associating himself with people who encourage violence. Donald himself, at his rallies, if a protester stands up, Donald has told the people there, punch them in the face. We should not be inciting violence. Donald is not Michael Corleone. And I think it is wrong to be threatening delegates, to be threatening voters with physical violence. Donald is behaving like a mobster. His campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs, threatening violence. We are campaigning to work for the voters, not trying to scare them and intimidate them with threats of violence.”

With the on again off again shadow presidential campaign of GOPe Jesus Paul Ryan temporarily off it’s time for Cruz to solidify his support in advance of next week’s east coast swing of primaries through states not receptive to his hellfire and brimstone sermons. Note the shift to the “union thug” meme, an intentional messaging trick to appeal to up for grabs voters in states where there is a heavy organized labor presence. While many conservatives – especially hard core religious ones – will never see through Cruz simply because he pounds the bible just like his televangelist daddy does they should be wary of Christ’s warning of false prophets and bearers of poisoned fruit.