Sports headlines are so often filled with the criminality, venality and scumbaggery regularly exhibited by many pampered multi-millionaire athletes that the good guys never get the coverage that they are deserving of. Such is the case with former Florida Gators superstar and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, a man who towers above the likes of drunken miscreants like Johnny Manziel and his ilk. Despite his solid citizenship and impeccable morals Tebowmania wasn’t long for the NFL, flickering and bursting into an irradiating blossom for but half of one magical season in the Mile High City and then it was gone. What the young man had an abundance of – heart and class – wasn’t enough to make up for his inability to throw the ball with any sort of consistent accuracy and he was shipped to the New York Jets and never started again. But for all of his shortcomings as a pro quarterback he may be a welcome addition to a place where guys like him are sorely needed – the United States Congress.

CBS Sports is reporting that “Tim Tebow for Congress? Ex-Gators QB targeted to run for open seat”:

Tim Tebow recently noted that he would consider the possibility stepping into the political world at some point in his life. Well, Republican strategists in Florida were all ears, and they’re now hoping that point comes sooner than later.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Republican party in Florida is hoping to convince the former Florida Gators star to run for U.S. Congress in Florida’s 4th District, which includes the Jacksonville area where Tebow is from. That congressional seat is coming open after 71-year-old Republican Congressman Ander Crenshaw announced he would be retiring and not running for re-election this fall.

Conservative website Red Alert Politics is making a push for the Republican party to welcome Tebow in, citing his work with children through the Tim Tebow Foundation, his position on social issues and his “millennial appeal,” which would help the party target a younger demographic.

They see the 28-year-old ex-football player as someone that can connect better with younger voters and there are few people that can match him in popularity in the state.

Tebow told Fox News recently that the prospect of getting into politics to make a difference was “intriguing,” but he did not say he has any specific plans to do so. Republicans think the open seat in the 4th District would be a smart place for Tebow to start because, so long as he wins the Republican primary, it would be a sure thing that he would win in the general election as that district is a strong Republican area.

“Like his career with the Denver Broncos, the primary game is going be extremely competitive so Tebow may have to once again come from behind late in the 4th quarter in order to pull this off. If he were to become the Republican nominee, he would be a shoo-in because it is a safe Republican seat,” Republican communications strategist Ron Bonjean told the Examiner.

If Tebow is serious about wanting to get into politics, this may be the fast track option to getting him in Congress without him having to deal with serious competition.

A guy with solid character and high moral values like Tebow would be a good start at the long-needed cleaning out of the big Washington whorehouse and all of the in the bag, career politicians who betray the trust of their constituents to feather their own nests. The open seat represents a golden opportunity for Mr. Tebow to get on with what may be his life’s work and if elected there will be those who will inevitably bring up the analogy of Jesus kicking over the tables of the moneychangers because somebody has to do it.