First it was campus chalk messages showing support for Donald Trump that set off thin-skinned, overly sensitive college youths who cried “RACISM!” and now it’s miniature border walls. Tulane University’s Kappa Alpha fraternity came under heavy criticism after erecting a wall around it’s dwelling which is on private property. The building of a wall is actually a time honored tradition for the frat which does it annually only this year the presence of a “Make America Great Again” message inflamed tensions and made the news much to the university’s dismay.

As reported by the New Orleans Times-Picayune “Trump Wall’ at Kappa Alpha fraternity sets Tulane abuzz”:

Trump” and “Make America Great Again” at the off-campus house of the Kappa Alpha Order caused a stir at Tulane University this week.

The fraternity erects a wall around its private property every spring during the week leading up to its annual “Old South” formal ball. Leadership in the local chapter said members added GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name and slogan to this year’s wall as satire, said university spokesman Mike Strecker. Other Tulane students, however, expressed a mix of concern and protest over the words, which originated with immigration remarks that Trump made and that his opponents have deemed racially offensive toward Latino and Hispanic people.

And according to USA Today “Tulane students fire back at fraternity’s pro-Trump wall”:

However, students like freshman Khristyan Trejo, a member of student Latino organization GENTE, say it was offensive.

“This really pushed it overboard for students of color on campus,” says Trejo. “It’s one thing to see an endorsement of Trump on campus — that’s freedom of speech — but it’s another to see the wall when it’s a symbol of racism and oppression. As someone with family across the (Mexico-United States) border and knowing people are murdered at the border every day, for (KA) to treat it as a joke and try to justify their actions with satire — well, it’s not a joke to students of color.”

“It’s all just plain disgusting to see this happening in the U.S., the ‘melting pot’ of the world,” Tulane freshman Claire Cruz tells USA TODAY College. “As a Latina on a mostly all-white campus, I am constantly seeing little acts of racism and white privilege, but this huge act was a slap in my face. Not only do I feel as if my safety has been threatened, but also my humanity is being completely written off.”

With the media having already established the narrative that any support of the Republican front-runner is racist and anxious Democrats exploiting it to the hilt it was only a matter of time until the wall was dismantled. The perpetually aggrieved were rescued from being offended by a gang of menacing blacks – reportedly from the football team – who tore it down which should thrill the grievance mongers more than when the Berlin Wall itself was dismantled.

It’s easy to see why Trump would be popular with many on campuses – there are students who actually want jobs after they graduate.