In a story that is definitely not for the squeamish a New York man has been arrested for having sex with his girlfriend’s dog. A 39 year old degenerate named Jesus Gutierrez was recorded on video as he sexually assaulted the Maltese named “Princess”. His significant other had set up a bedroom camera to keep tabs on Mr. Gutierrez while she was at work but it would be hard to imagine that she would have ever thought that her sting operation would have actually busted him raping her dog.

According to the New York Daily News “Lower East Side man captured on video having sex with girlfriend’s dog”:

A Lower East Side man was caught on video having sex with his girlfriend’s pet Maltese Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Jesus Gutierrez, 39, lives with his 43-year-old girlfriend and her dog, Princess, in an apartment on Clinton St. near Madison St., according to prosecutors.

She went to work Wednesday, but had set up a camera inside the apartment, and at 3:45 p.m. it captured footage of Gutierrez with the dog, authorities said.

Prosecutors said Gutierrez assaulted the dog for a half hour, sodomizing the dog with his fingers. He also rubbed himself against the dog’s genitals, sources said

The dog was visibly distressed in the video, prosecutors said.

Gutierrez’s lawyer, Jack G. Goldberg, said he’d seen “no evidence” of the assault and had not seen the video.

Gutierrez was intoxicated during the incident, which he described as a “difference between him and a woman he was with,” Goldberg said.

“He’s a father to six children and a hard-working man,” Goldberg said.

Police busted Gutierrez just after 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, and the traumatized dog was taken to a veterinary hospital, cops said.

Gutierrez, who was charged with misdemeanor torturing of an animal and sexual conduct with an animal, needed a Spanish interpreter at his arraignment in Manhattan criminal court. He was released on his own recognizance at his arraignment Thursday.

“No English, no English,” he told a reporter as he left the courtroom.

Gutierrez’s girlfriend did not return messages seeking comment, and a relative who answered the door of her home declined comment.

It certainly isn’t a revelation that the consumption of alcohol was involved in the incident. Gutierrez’s forcing himself on poor “Princess” is just the latest in what has been a spate of weird incidents involving people having sex with dogs. Last month 21 year old Miranda Johns, a woman from Naples, Florida was arrested after her boyfriend provided the cops with video of her getting lusty with two dogs. James Leroy Evans, a 33 year old Washington State freak was arrested after sodomizing and killing a pit bull that had the misfortune of being in his vicinity when he got horny. There was also Russell Joseph Myers, 54 of Franklin County Alabama who was arrested under the state’s new bestiality law for having sex with a German Shepherd and 23 year old Hannah Marie Haynes of North Charleston SC, who was busted after police received videos of her getting it on with a Dachshund.

This story is more evidence of the ongoing moral decline in Obamastan – as if any was needed.