Corporate America and the culture wars are again colliding over a cake that was allegedly sold to a Texas pastor with a homosexual pejorative written on it. Jordan Brown of Austin, TX is suing Whole Foods Market Inc. after he claimed that a dirty trickster at his local store defiled his delicious treat with the word “FAG”. Pastor Brown – who is openly gay – had ordered the cake for a congregation member with the desired message of “Love Wins” but noticed the nasty word while transporting the baked goods to his destination.

Austin’s KXAN TV reports “Lawsuit claims Whole Foods sold cake with anti-gay slur”:

An Austin man claims Whole Foods discriminated against him after he ordered a cake reading “Love Wins” and instead got one with the words “Love Wins F–,” an anti-gay slur.

Pastor Jordan Brown says he ordered the cake from the flagship Whole Foods store on N. Lamar Boulevard.

According to a press release sent out by Kaplan Law Firm, Whole Foods reportedly said, “the store and its employee had done nothing wrong, and no action would be taken.”

Brown, the pastor at the Church of Open Doors on E. Riverside Drive, said on April 14 he went to pick up a cake at the store for one of his congregation members.

He requested “Love Wins” on a blank, pre-frosted cake in the display case, Brown said. The associate then took it to the prep table and began inscribing the cake. Brown says she sealed the cake with a sticker and handed it to him.

According to the lawsuit, Brown did not notice the added word until he was at a stop light and looked down at the cake. He said he first called the Whole Foods corporate office and left a detailed voicemail. Brown says no one from the company returned his call.

He then called the flagship store directly and spoke to a Whole Foods team leader. Brown says the man he spoke to was apologetic and he planned to fire whoever was responsible. The lawsuit states Brown was offered a gift card and a replacement cake.

Two hours later, Brown said the employee he spoke to earlier called back, saying Whole Foods came to the conclusion the store and the bakery associate had done nothing wrong.

It would seem to be a pretty bold act for a store employee because one would think that Brown would have spotted it before checking out so the prospect that it is a hoax exists. Whole Foods is denying any responsibility so it could be an effort to grab headlines by screaming homophobia and sexual persecution in order to draw media attention.