Liberal activist groups are flexing their muscles by demanding that big tech firms pull out of July’s Republican National Convention. The perpetually aggrieved whiners are denouncing the event as a forum for racism and hate speech and have undertaken a campaign to pressure companies including Microsoft and Google to stay the hell away from Cleveland if they know what’s good for them. It’s yet another effort by America’s rancid bund of political correctness Nazis to stomp their rainbow colored jackboots up and down on anything that offends their overly delicate sensibilities.

Politico reports that “Liberal groups call on Google, Microsoft to pull out of GOP convention”:

A collection of liberal groups is demanding that Google and Microsoft withdraw from any sponsorship of the Republican convention in Cleveland, charging that the tech giants’ support would help “provide a platform for the hateful and violent message of Donald Trump.”

The organizations, which include ColorOfChange and Free Press Action Fund, wrote to both companies last week, highlighting numerous examples of Trump’s incendiary rhetoric targeting immigrants, Muslims and other groups. They said Google and Microsoft should back out, given their work in “championing diversity,” and requested a meeting with the firms to discuss the issue.

“This is not about the political left and right but the difference between right and wrong,” the organizations wrote in the letters, copies of which were shared with Politico on Monday. “What we all are witnessing at the moment is not merely ‘business as usual’ and it should not be treated as such. Trump is inciting an atmosphere of violence and terror in an effort to pander to some voters’ most base instincts.”

The groups continue to promote the big lie that Trump supporters are violent goons who will be prowling the streets of Cleveland looking to ransack the city which will be under virtual martial law within blocks of Quicken Loans Arena. If you can’t beat them in the arena of ideas and honest debate – let alone the ballot box – it is a very short journey to smears and economic bullying of profit and image conscious corporations.

Free speech, free association and free enterprise be damned!