The establishment media was forced to endure the Donald’s schlonging of Ted Cruz on Tuesday night after the billionaire insurgent rolled in the New York primary, dealing a yuuge setback to the GOPe’s oily delegate poacher. For nearly two solid weeks anti-Trump forces had been jacking each other off and were still buzzing from the cheap sugar high from tricky Ted’s triumphant bagging of all of Wyoming’s delegates over the weekend. But alas, all good things must come to end and Cruz’s ballyhooed winning streak was halted in a showing as brutal as a Central Park mugging.

As the Washington Post reports “New York blowout gives Donald Trump big boost in GOP race”:

Donald Trump easily trounced his opponents in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary here in his home state of New York, notching his biggest win yet and pulling further ahead of Ted Cruz and John Kasich in the delegate count.

Trump’s blowout victory — which was propelled by voters’ overwhelming desire to elect a political outsider who could bring change — positions the billionaire mogul for a hot streak in five East Coast primaries next week and brings him closer to securing the nomination with an outright majority of pledged delegates.

Late returns showed Trump winning with well over 50 percent of the vote statewide. He was holding similar margins in most of the state’s 27 congressional districts, putting him on the path to winning most or even all of New York’s 95 delegates.

The victory comes at a critical time for Trump, who is trying to mature as a candidate, professionalize his campaign team and reassert his dominance in the prolonged nominating contest after a troublesome month in which Cruz and Kasich have taken surgical steps to force a contested convention.

Stepping out with his family to the brassy strains of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” Trump sounded like a more disciplined candidate as he claimed victory in a short statement at his Midtown Manhattan skyscraper, Trump Tower.

Trump’s big haul of delegates easily surpasses Cruz’s gains in Wyoming and Wisconsin and is a general election preview of how the Canadian Texan will be similarly thumped in states where voters aren’t drinking the Jesus juice. It was an all around bad day for Cruz who got into a spat with conservative radio and television host Sean Hannity over his delegate poaching. Cruz will likely also be clobbered in the next round of primaries where he is at a similar demographic disadvantage showing how weak a candidate that he would be against Hillary Clinton who would blow him to smithereens.

The crushing of Cruz should serve as a wake up call for those looking to saboteur Trump in Cleveland this summer and with Paul Ryan – for the time being – out of the running it may be time for them to start polishing the turd that is the Mitt Romney 2016 campaign for it’s big roll out.