Former Cleveland Browns quarterback and all-pro drunkard Johnny Manziel has had a pretty tough year even by his dismal standards. Following a disastrous NFL rookie season after a heralded college career at Texas A&M, the once dazzling playmaker has racked up arrests and rehab stays at a much faster pace than touchdowns. Despite his presence on the roster of the franchise that calls the mistake by the lake home and which hasn’t had a decent option at quarterback since the days of Otto Graham, he was unable to supplant career stumblebums the likes of Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown. But when you can’t even be depended upon keep your shit together long enough to not show up drunk at practice it was always going to be a tough rock to roll to be the regular starter.

The Browns finally tired of Manziel’s inability to stay out of the news over his partying and the recent more ominous turn that his behavior took into serious domestic violence and cut him loose. To this point even the most quarterback starved teams are treating him as though he has the Ebola virus. However, hope springs eternal for Johnny Football, despite no takers for another NFL gig he can now be proud to have a job offer of sorts.

As reported by CBS Sports “Johnny Manziel finally got a job offer, but he probably won’t take it”:

Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been out of a job since March 11, but that could change soon, because Johnny Football now has a standing job offer.

A restaurant in Spokane, Washington is currently hiring, and if Manziel wants a job, it sounds like they’re interested in adding him to the team.

It’s not exactly an NFL job, but you have to start somewhere when you’re a month and a half into unemployment. Of course, working at a taco restaurant in Spokane wouldn’t be a very easy commute for Manziel, who’s spent the past several months living in Los Angeles, but that’s a minor detail.

Thanks to the job offer, the marquee at Taco Time has become one of the most photographed tourist attractions in all of Spokane.

Manziel probably won’t take the taco job, but he should seriously start thinking about what he wants to do next. If he wants to return to the NFL, it won’t be easy: He doesn’t have an agent (Drew Rosenhaus dropped him) and teams aren’t interested in him right now.

While it’s still possible that Manziel will somehow manage to put his life together and make his way back to the NFL it’s looking like a real longshot for the former Heisman Trophy winner.