In a sign of the coming apocalypse, billionaire Charles Koch has hinted that he finds Hillary Clinton to be an acceptable choice as POTUS. If this is true it would represent a seismic shift when considering that the liberal bogeyman Koch brothers have long bestowed their support and financial backing solely upon Republicans. Mr. Koch danced around a direct answer in an interview with ABC’s George Karl but didn’t reject the Clinton restoration.

According to Politico “Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton is preferable to a Republican for president”:

Billionaire businessman Charles Koch said in an interview airing Sunday that “it’s possible” another Clinton in the White House could be better than having a Republican president.
Koch, the CEO of Koch industries, made the comment to ABC News’ Jonathan Karl for an interview airing on ABC’s This Week.

Koch and his brother, David, and their associated groups plan to spend nearly $900 million on the 2016 elections.

The comment came after Karl asked about former President Bill Clinton’s term, to which Koch said Clinton was “in some ways” better than George W. Bush.

“As far as the growth of government, the increase in spending, it was two-and-a-half times under Bush that it was under Clinton,” he said.

Karl followed up by asking about whether or not Koch could see himself supporting Hillary Clinton.
Koch hesitated before giving an answer that didn’t rule out the possibility.

“We would have to believe her actions would have to be quite different than her rhetoric, let me put it that way,” he said.

The very possibility that a guy like Mr. Koch – whose fear and loathing of Donald Trump is well known – would entertain such an idea is an indication that the Clintons would have the interests of the status quo at heart. This follows an Associated Press report that received little attention on how those secretive speeches to Wall Street fat cats are only the tip of the iceberg.

The AP story, “Firms that paid for Clinton speeches have US gov’t interests” reports that:

The AP’s review of federal records, regulatory filings and correspondence showed that almost all the 82 corporations, trade associations and other groups that paid for or sponsored Clinton’s speeches have actively sought to sway the government — lobbying, bidding for contracts, commenting on federal policy and in some cases contacting State Department officials or Clinton herself during her tenure as secretary of state.

The reality is that the war on Trump is truly a bipartisan affair and that the big money that funds the uni-party would be perfectly happy with with Bill and Hillary in the White House. The fear that the Trump revolution wouldn’t stop at the palace but may also threaten the gangsters in Congress like the beloved corporate Trojan horse Paul “TPP” Ryan and the underhanded Mitch “Kentucky kickback” McConnell is very real.

To the oligarchy the unexpected rise of Trump and Bernie Sanders is a loud and clear message that the barbarians are at the gates and can’t be allowed to breach the kingdom no matter what the cost.