Mangy socialist demagogue Bernie Sanders has an interesting idea of why he’s losing to Queen Hillary and it’s a doozy. Teetering on the brink of being voted off of the Democrat island – you can stick a fork in his ass if he can’t win in Pennsylvania tomorrow – Bernie is explaining away his imminent defeat by blaming his inability to win because poor people don’t vote. While it may be partially true it only serves to make the old codger look like a whiner and a sore loser, something that the ruthless Clinton team of paid dirty tricks operators will be sure to exploit.

The Guardian reports that “Bernie Sanders explains his primary losses: ‘Poor people don’t vote’”:

‘That’s a sad reality of American society,’ Sanders tells NBC News on Sunday after losing to Hillary Clinton in 16 states with high income inequality.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders reframed his role in the race on Sunday and explained that he has lost primaries in 16 states with high income inequality “because poor people don’t vote”.

Without wavering from his campaign’s insistence that he has a “path to victory”, the senator from Vermont said his goal was to increase voter participation in politics.

“I mean, that’s just a fact,” Sanders said in an interview with NBC News, in response to a question about his losses in states with a large wealth gap. “That’s a sad reality of American society. And that’s what we have to transform.”

Sanders has predicated his campaign on a promise to assuage growing wealth and income inequality in the US, and he has received support from a record number of grassroots donors whose small contributions have consistently added up to monthly fundraising totals that dwarf those of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The problem isn’t so much that poor people don’t vote but that as is being seen with the Republican primary process and the war on Donald Trump is that the system is set up to crush threats from meddlesome outsiders. Bernie has less chance than a snowball in hell at winning the nomination and will soon be reduced to begging his loyal followers to line up and kiss the queen’s pasty white ass. It will be a rather indignant end to what was at times a ferocious insurgency but he was always going to sell them out rather than end up being mocked and exiled like Ralph Nader was.