Forget about all of that stuff about a kinder and gentler Donald Trump, the badass is back. After nearly every media outlet in the entire country led off the news cycle with the announcement of the pact between Ted Cruz and John Kasich the billionaire iconoclast let it rip. Not only did the Donald roll out a new nickname for the Ohio Governor – “1 for 38” – but also served up some irresistible lemming food to the presstitutes and anti-Trump trolls in the media that Kasich’s eating habits were “disgusting”.

As reported by USA Today “Trump slams Kasich’s ‘disgusting’ eating habits”:

Donald Trump apparently isn’t ready to get too presidential yet.

The Republican front-runner let loose on Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Monday, and it wasn’t about his record in Ohio.

“I’ve never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion,” Trump said at a rally in Rhode Island.

Kasich has made headlines in recent weeks for eating pizza with a fork in Queens and plowing through heaping portions of Italian food in the Bronx. On Monday, food blog “The Braiser” actually nominated Kasich to be the new host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives if the whole presidential thing doesn’t work out.

Trump suggested Kasich’s feeding forays are, well, not presidential.

“You want that for your president?” he said. “I don’t think so.”

Later, during an event in West Chester, Pa., Trump further hammered Kasich’s eating habits. “Did you ever see a man eat like this? … It’s pouring out of his mouth … That’s not presidential, I can tell you.”

He also described Kasich as “a stubborn guy who eats like a slob.”

His barrage followed news Sunday that Kasich had planned to team up with Ted Cruz in an effort to stop Trump from winning the Republican nomination, a pact that was in doubt less than 24 hours later after Kasich told voters in Indiana to vote for him. Part of the deal was that he would cede Indiana to Cruz.

The criticism of Kasich’s methods of food consumption quickly knocked the big story of the day about the anti-Trump alliance between tricky Ted and Governor NAFTA once again proving that when it comes to working the media that Trump has few equals.