After Tuesday’s drubbing in the latest round of Democratic party primaries the great Bernie Sanders socialist revolution is on life support. Following a comment from Democrat Senate capo Harry Reid that there was no path to the nomination for Sanders the pressure is going to be turned up on the old goat to give up the ghost and drop out of the race. It’s quite clear that the sell by date for the Sanders campaign has now passed and losing all of the votes last night with the exception of Rhode Island the fat lady is now humming as she gets closer to bursting into song.

Politico reports on the Vermont kook in the article “Clinton’s big night ratchets up pressure on Sanders” from which I excerpt:

Sanders campaign kept up its vow to keep the contest going through the general election — even as he signaled, in an acknowledgment of his dimming prospects, his interest in shaping the Democratic platform.

“The people in every state in this country should have the right to determine who they want as president and what the agenda of the Democratic Party should be,” Sanders said in a statement congratulating Clinton on her wins. “That’s why we are in this race until the last vote is cast.”

But the statement also pointed to a new focus.

“That is why this campaign is going to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia with as many delegates as possible to fight for a progressive party platform that calls for a $15 an hour minimum wage, an end to our disastrous trade policies, a Medicare-for-all health care system, breaking up Wall Street financial institutions, ending fracking in our country, making public colleges and universities tuition free and passing a carbon tax so we can effectively address the planetary crisis of climate change,” the statement read.

Speaking earlier in the evening at a rally in West Virginia, Sanders repeated familiar themes about how far his long-shot campaign had come from its early days and said he performed better in polling match-ups against Trump than did Clinton. He also criticized closed primaries, saying that independents whose votes will count in the general election should not be locked out of picking the Democratic nominee.

“We were in New York state last week [and] 3 million people in New York state could not vote because they were independents,” Sanders said. “Well you know what? Those folks and independents all over the country will be voting in November for the next president of the United States.”

His campaign hit that theme again in a post-results statement, noting that Sanders had won Rhode Island, the one open primary held Tuesday.

Now there is some serious effort put into turd polishing, Bernie’s campaign which had run off a string of unexpected wins before he was kicked in the balls last week in New York is in a death spiral. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that “Bernie Sanders to Reassess Candidacy, After Tuesday’s Vote, But He’ll Stay in Race” which is a sign that his people are already in the process of engineering a negotiated surrender to the Clinton dynasty.

The increasingly desperate codger is grasping at anything to save him as he gets slowly sucked under by the quicksand of history, like floating the idea of recruiting progressive heroine Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. This however is a fantasy, the wooden Indian has her own political ambitions and isn’t about to cast her lot with Captain Bernie and his ship of fools. The Democrat establishment will now jack up the pressure on Sanders to quit with the hope of not alienating his millions of supporters who Hillary will need come the general election campaign. Bernie’s only remaining bit of leverage is his ability to yoke the slaves and deliver them to the party masters but there will be dead-enders who will continue to fight on because as history has repeatedly shown – Marxism isn’t easy to kick.

As the old hunting saying goes: it’s time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire, Bernie needs to quickly get in line behind the Clinton crusaders or he will be ruthlessly crushed and sent packing from his own party.