The fools parade of the #NeverTrump movement continue to have as much luck as King Canute did with holding back the tides. The anti-Trump super PAC “Our Principles” which is run by former Mitt Romney operative Katie Porker Packer is keeping the faith that Athens Donald can be stopped and will likely continue to do so as long as the meter can keep running and high rollers like the Ricketts family will keep writing the checks. It’s a hell of a business to be in considering that one can be wrong most of the time and still keep raking in the dough.

As detailed by the Hill “Never Trump super-PAC: Trump can still be stopped after Tuesday races“:

The biggest anti-Trump super-PAC says it expects Donald Trump will win all five Republican “Acela Primary” states, but the group claims it can still topple the billionaire even if he wins 100 percent of the delegates on Tuesday night.

Our Principles PAC, a group funded by conservative billionaires including the Ricketts family which owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team, sent out a memo early Tuesday evening pre-empting a bad night for the “Never Trump” forces.

“Just as we anticipated with New York, we expect Donald Trump to carry all five states in play tonight,” said Katie Packer, chairwoman of Our Principles PAC, which has already spent more than $16 million opposing Trump.

“He has polled strongly in these states for months and neither Our Principles PAC nor the Cruz and Kasich efforts have invested resources in trying to win statewide anywhere tonight.”

But Our Principles PAC, which is chaired by former Mitt Romney operative Katie Packer, claims its plan to stop Trump does not hinge on tonight’s results.

“While we hope to deprive him of a handful of delegates tonight, the path to the nomination does not hinge on any of today’s outcomes and that is why our resource allocation has been limited,” Packer said in the memo.

“If Trump were to win ALL the committed delegates at stake in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut tonight as well as the majority of delegates in Rhode Island, this would have no meaningful impact on his nearly impossible path to 1,237.

If Trump wins the nomination it will send shockwaves through the lucrative racket of political consultants, pollsters, dirty tricksters, money bundlers, bought media personalities and most of all, so-called experts like Katie Packer. There are tens of thousands of paid gigs literally on the line that could all be lost if Trump can’t be stopped and people like Packer would then be forced to go out and get real jobs.