Delegate skimming Ted Cruz was quick to change the subject after the “Acela primary” ass-whipping and on Wednesday he trotted out a songbird named Carly to join him in his quest for the a White House. Tricky Ted launched a political Hail Mary by tabbing failed Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly “Horseface” Fiorina as his running mate despite trailing by hundreds of delegates. What, wasn’t George Pataki available? The move predictably sucked all of the media attention away from Donald Trump’s “America first” foreign policy speech, something that the globalist establishment certainly doesn’t want to see catching on with the American people.

Politico reports “Cruz names Fiorina as VP running mate”:

Hoping to kickstart his campaign after a string of demoralizing losses to Trump, the senator is tapping a former rival turned loyal campaign surrogate.

Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential nominee if he’s the Republican Party’s pick for president.

If nominated, “I will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee, Carly Fiorina,” the Texas senator said at an Indiana rally before the crowd began chanting ”

he two appeared together in an hour-long event in Indianapolis, with Cruz alternating between lauding Fiorina and maintaining that he has a path forward in the race despite suffering a series of losses over the last two weeks. Fiorina, who followed Cruz, shared stories about her own background and about Cruz, and even sang to his two young daughters from the stage, as she also railed against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

By tabbing Fiorina it’s not exactly rocket surgery that Cruz is hoping that she can help him steal enough delegates in her home state of California to block Trump. It’s a gamble considering that Fiorina was walloped by Barbara Boxer in her run for the U.S. Senate and that she lives within spitting distance of imperial Washington and is an insider’s insider. But gambling is all that Cruz has left as he has run out of friendly real estate with the exception of maybe Indiana.

Outside of her West Coast connections it’s a bizarre pick for Cruz, it’s not as though she lit the world on fire after her brief turn as a superstar after the first two debates. Fiorina is however a GOPe insider who worked on both the McCain and Romney campaigns so perhaps the choice wasn’t entirely solely one from Cruz himself.

If the bipartisan establishment is counting on one thing that it hopes to be Kryptonite to Trump it’s vagina politics. It worked for Lyin’ Ted once with his Academy Award worthy outrage over Trump’s Tweet of a dumpy looking Wendy Cruz and they are going to the hole once again. Cruz has never been a guy who is shy about trotting out his family to use as political props but having Carly sing to his daughters is the most shameless piece of exploitation since Nixon’s “Checkers” the dog speech. It will really impress the Cruz-bots and media muppets for a few days but usually a veep pick is a huge media event that boosts a candidate against the other party and Cruz has now played that card along with the gender card – another losing hand.