The Bernie Sanders socialist utopia is now on it’s death bed after being bludgeoned in Tuesday’s “Acela primary”. Hillary Clinton took four out of five primaries and while Bernie claimed victory in tiny Rhode Island it was nothing but an effort to polish the turd. Team Sanders doesn’t know what hit them, after peaking with that big win in Wisconsin and boasting about “momentum” it was only of the downward variety as the campaign is now in a death spiral with no hope of pulling out. The old goat knows that his goose is cooked too and has begun dumping staffers.

As reported by CNN “Sanders laying off hundreds of campaign staffers”:

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is laying off more than 200 workers, campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Wednesday.

The campaign is downsizing from its current 550-member team to between 325 to 350 workers, said Weaver, who added that at one point the Sanders’ staff numbered more than 1,000.
The decision follows a bad night for Sanders, in which he lost four out of five East Coast states that voted on Tuesday.

“The calendar is coming closer to the end and there are not that many states going forward … it’s the natural evolution of every campaign,” Weaver told CNN.

Sanders announced the layoffs in an interview with The New York Times.

“It will be hundreds of staff members,” Sanders told the Times. “We have had a very large staff, which was designed to deal with 50 states in this country; 40 of the states are now behind us. So we have had a great staff, great people.”

Weaver said staffers in the five states that voted Tuesday — Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Connecticut — will be affected, as well as workers in other states and some members of the national staff. Weaver explained that because the majority of the layoffs affect field workers, there are fewer national staff members needed to manage them.

The jettisoning of staffers means that there will be no need for a general election organization and getting rid of them now will stem defections to Team Hillary that could then be used by the media for propaganda purposes. Now that the Bern is about to be extinguished all of those progressive and liberal saps who were living in Fantasy land that an avowed socialist would ever be elected as president of the United States can shed their cocoons of denial and be reintroduced to reality. The cruelest twist of the knife awaits the Bernie –bots though because their great leader is going to be tasked with delivering them to Queen Hillary and he is already at the top of their shit list. The failure to endorse her and beg for his followers to vote for her is a necessity though or Bernie won’t be able to get a job cleaning toilets for the party establishment.

All that remains is for the other shoe to drop but drop it will.