Republican party front-runner Donald Trump gave a yuuuge foreign policy speech on Wednesday that just may be what it takes to put him into the White House. Trump went to the holy city of Washington and dared to blaspheme against the globalist establishment in calling for a foreign policy that for once puts “America first”. The address was a damnation of decades of miserable failure, specifically the ruinous and incomprehensible policies of Emperor Barack Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump very nicely made the case for why Mrs. Clinton is manifestly unfit for the presidency and he will soon put her on a national trial over her foreign policy disasters for which she should more fittingly be in the dock at the Hague rather than running for the highest office in the land.

Trump’s speech immediately rattled cages across the spectrum of the entrenched lunatics, idiots and gravy train riders who are responsible for driving the country to the brink of bankruptcy and turning the USA into a global pariah. One of those who was just fit to be tied was Senator Sunday Morning himself – Lindsey Graham. The Palmetto State princess was in a sputtering rage as he railed against Trump and the concept that the cancers of globalism and nation building be cut out before they kill this once great nation. The cowardly little warmonger with tonsils as sweet as Tupelo honey blasted the notion that America would best be served by not pissing away trillions of dollars on defending the bloodsucking chiselers in NATO who refuse pay their fair share.

The liberal Talking Points Memo reports on Lindsey’s bitch fit in the article “Graham Rips Trump Foreign Policy Talk: Reagan ‘Rolling Over In His Grave’”:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) ridiculed Donald Trump’s buzzed-about foreign policy speech on Wednesday, calling it disjointed, “pathetic,” and “not conservative.”

In a series of rapid-fire tweets in response to the speech, Graham poked fun at Trump for deviating from his usual off-the-cuff style and using a teleprompter.

“Trump speech is pathetic in terms of understanding the role America plays in the world, how to win War on Terror, and threats we face,” the South Carolina senator wrote on Twitter.

“Did teleprompter guy actually write the speech? #notmakinganysense,” Graham wrote.

“Final thought on Trump’s foreign policy speech — Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave,” he added later.

Trump’s hour-long address at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. set forth an “America first” foreign policy platform that cautioned against unnecessary foreign interventions. The GOP frontrunner also promised that Islamic State terrorists “are going to be gone” if he becomes president, thanks to his “unpredictable” foreign policy strategy.

Graham is an outspoken Trump critic, particularly on matters of national defense. The stridently hawkish South Carolina senator has called Trump “a complete idiot when it comes to Mideast policy.”

Joining Graham in caterwauling against Trump’s speech was the always reliable neocon nutjob Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post editorial page who wailed “Trump’s incoherent speech shows why he’s unfit to be president”:

The most remarkable aspect of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech was that someone actually wrote it out and put it in the teleprompter. It was so filled with internal contradictions, falsehoods and genuinely crazy assertions that one would have thought Trump was speaking extemporaneously. It was a vivid display as to why he is thoroughly unprepared to become commander in chief. If anything comes of it, one hopes that a third candidate, sickened to his stomach, will have watched this, jumped from his seat and declared himself ready to rescue the country from the possibility that Trump might be president.

Rubin has spent the last several months beseeching the Republican establishment to produce an alternative to Trump but now even trusty Ted who she grudgingly embraced is going down in flames and will now have to equivocate why his foreign policy doesn’t put “America first”. Rubin was joined by fellow WAPO wretch Dana Milbank, a man whose Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is so advanced that he shamelessly exploited Holocaust victims to compare the Donald to a Nazi.

Milbank chose to slip into pitiful mockery instead of Rubin’s “the sky is falling” meme:

He carefully read a speech somebody else had written, demonstrated both by his lack of familiarity with the content — he pronounced Tanzania as “Tan-ZANY-uh” — and by its un-Trumpian phrases such as “the false song of globalism” and “the clear lens of American interests.” This speech was at an eighth-grade comprehension level, five years beyond Trump’s usual.

Besides the glimmer twins at the Beltway’s fish wrap Trump also drew brickbats from Hillary mentor Madeline Albright, a putrid tub of blood and guts who stinks of murder. The real hellstorm has yet to arrive but it’s coming and with an intensity that will exceed anything thrown at Trump to this point. How dare he even suggest a rejection of those ruinous foreign trade scams and the false religion of globalism?

America first? Off with his head!