In an encouraging but rare display of spine from a big corporation, Google has rejected calls from activist groups who were threatening the tech giant with boycotts if it didn’t stay away from this summer’s Republican convention. Intolerant liberal snobs led by the blacktivist group ColorOfChange had been able to run roughshod in trampling on free speech by piling up a troubling string of wins in their use of bullying to closing down legitimate forms of expression that they disapproved of – until now.

Politico is reporting “Google to play GOP convention role despite Trump critics”:

Google has confirmed it will play a formal role at the 2016 Republican convention — despite pressure from critics who want the tech giant to withdraw because of Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric targeting women, immigrants and minorities.

The company told Politico Thursday it will serve as the official livestream provider at the July convention in Cleveland, offering election trends, convention videos, virtual reality tools and other data to attendees and viewers. It provided similar services at the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2012 and for both parties’ presidential debates earlier this year.

Google hasn’t taken a position on any of the candidates chasing the White House in 2016. Still, its mere presence at the GOP convention is sure to spark new opposition from liberal groups and civil rights advocates, who have already been pushing the company — and others, like Microsoft and Xerox — to pull out in opposition to Trump.

Google’s acknowledgment came the same day that a collection of activists — ColorOfChange, Free Press Action Fund and others — mounted a small protest outside the search giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. The demonstrators, who numbered about a dozen, sought to deliver a petition with 500,000 signatures calling on the company to withdraw. They also sent a plane over the Google campus with a banner that read “#dumptrump,” and ran ads on Facebook with a similar message.

Liberals have been emboldened by cowardly corporations that have repeatedly caved in and their tactics have grown increasingly fascistic so they will yowl like scalded cats over Google’s refusal to buckle to their bullying tactics. Despite the dismal state of American democracy in the age of rampant corruption there are still legitimate means to reject those of whom you may disagree with, it’s called voting.