The glaring double standard over the coverage of the violent rabble in California protesting Republican front-runner Donald Trump lays bare the hypocrisy and corruption of the mainstream media. When a few overzealous attendees at Trump rallies go rogue and rough up a troublemakers the shrill response is that his supporters are modern day Nazi brownshirts responding to a cunning demagogue. The organized horde that descended on a Trump rally in Chicago causing its cancellation out of fear of violence were hailed as heroes when in a true historical context it was they who were acting like Hitler’s Sturmabteilung. The lie that Trump is actively threatening to insight a riot in Cleveland if screwed out of the nomination has become conventional wisdom while leftist groups who actually are planning such things are given a free pass.

As reported by Reuters “Anti-Trump protests break out for second day in California”:

Protests erupted in California for the second day in a row on Friday against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is moving closer to winning the Republican nomination after a string of victories this week.

The billionaire businessman was forced to halt his motorcade and go through a back entrance to a hotel to give a speech to the California Republican convention and avoid several hundred loud protestors gathered outside.

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” Trump told the gathering in Burlingame, south of San Francisco, after weaving around a barrier and clambering across a road to get to the venue. “It felt like I was crossing the border actually.”

Demonstrators, some of whom held Mexican national flags, at one point rushed security gates at the hotel and police officers had their batons out.

The mogul had already drawn protests in California, with chaotic scenes on Thursday outside a Trump rally in Costa Mesa. Anti-Trump protesters smashed the window of a police patrol car and blocked traffic and some 20 people were arrested.

Protests have become common outside rallies for Trump who has earned ardent critics, as well as support from Republican voters, for his rhetoric against illegal immigration. His campaign abandoned a rally in Chicago last month after clashes between his supporters and protesters.

While the attempts to intimidate Trump and his supporters is getting covered, what’s missing are the voices of outrage and invocations of goose-stepping fascist thugs from our media stalwarts. Hell, the scum will probably blame Trump for the anarchists who are running amok in the streets in San Francisco today. These are people whose seething contempt for democracy is made evident by their intensifying efforts to stomp up and down all over the First Amendment. But in a society where perceived victimhood has become one of the highest virtues, the presence of violent mobs in the streets menacing bystanders and vandalizing police cars receives little if no official condemnation. Were it a Hillary Clinton rally then the National Guard would have already been called out and would have tear gassed the mob.