With the Hoosier State being the next big stop on the Republican primary schedule, front-runner Donald Trump scored a huge nod from a prominent local sports legend. Championship winning former Indiana University head coach Bobby Knight endorsed Trump at a big rally in Indianapolis on Wednesday night. Outside of Larry Bird there is perhaps no better known Indiana sports figure than Knight, a man who is both beloved and loathed for his intensity as well as his refusal to bow to political correctness.

Coach Knight raised hackles when he once infamously said: “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” It’s sad but that remark has dogged him for nearly thirty years now and the scab is about to be ripped off again by anti-Trump warriors looking to cement the narrative that the Donald is a misogynist.

New York Times columnist Gail Collins kicked off the coming wave of attacks in her screed “Trump Deals the Woman Card”:

He also proudly announced that he was about to get an endorsement from “the great Bobby Knight,” former Indiana coach who once told an NBC interviewer that his theory on handling stress was, “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

We would not be bringing up Bobby Knight’s checkered history today if it had not been for the gender comments. Trump is the former owner of a deeply unsuccessful football franchise. (Make the New Jersey Generals Great Again!) He is going to be endorsed by a trillion sports stars, and if we vetted all of them for sexism, we really would have no time for anything else.

But back to the woman card. “She is a woman. She’s playing the woman card left and right. … She will be called on it,” Trump told CNN. The interviewer, Chris Cuomo, reasonably asked how “you call someone on being a woman” and Trump retorted that “if she were a man and she was the way she is she would get virtually no votes.”

Do not ask yourself how many votes Donald Trump would get if he were a woman and he was the way he is. Truly, you don’t want to go there.

Vagina politics or as it is more commonly referred to – the war on women – was always going to be a key component of the case to put Hillary Clinton into the White House, the innuendo being that just because she is a female that she deserves it. Trump fired the opening salvo after his Tuesday sweep of the “Acela primary” put him in the catbird’s seat for the GOP nomination by stating that she was playing the “woman’s card” and wouldn’t get five percent of the vote if she was a man. Those were fighting words for Hillary – the Joan of Arc of the dry pussy demographic – who promptly responded with gusto with the rallying cry of “deal me in” which is very apropos for the leader of a party that specializes in dealing the identity politics card from the bottom of the deck. It makes for a very nice bumper sticker slogan for the general election too.

Knight will likely face the same vilification from the media muppets that was pereviously heaped upon other pro sports figures who dared to praise Trump. NFL superstar Tom Brady, former NFL coach Mike Ditka and Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan have all taken heat over being pro-Trump and while they are all celebrities, the jackboot of forced diversity will soon be on the necks of even rank and file citizens who fail to fall in line and condemn the designated devil.

Coach Knight will join Trump in campaigning in advance of Tuesday’s big primary. Liberals just need to get it through their thick skulls that if Trump is inevitable that they should just relax and enjoy it.