In yet another dispatch from the front lines of racially fractured Obamastan, a South Carolina teenager is claiming that his teacher told him to “go back to Africa”. The alleged offense occurred after the student refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance stating that it didn’t apply because Donald Trump was going to deport all blacks back to the land of their origin. The teen’s mother was hoppin’ mad and went to the media to air her grievances.

The Beauford Gazette reports “Beaufort parent says teacher told son ‘go back’ to Africa”:

A Battery Creek High School science teacher allegedly made what one mother considers an offensive, racial comment this week after her 14-year-old son refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nicole Whitmore says her son, a freshman, was sitting when the morning pledge began Tuesday and was among about half the students in the room who remained sitting when their teacher told them to stand up. When her son told a friend it didn’t matter because “Donald Trump is going to send us back to Africa,” the teacher allegedly interjected, saying he should go back.

School authorities are looking into the matter although there is no rule that students have to stand for the pledge. The teacher’s name has not been released while the matter is under review. The boy’s mother likely won’t be satisfied though according to the Gazette story.

Whitmore says she she is still angry about the comment, made by a white teacher, and is waiting for news of the district’s investigation.

“I didn’t take kindly to it, and my son didn’t take kindly to it,” she said. “… You don’t tell my son to go back to Africa knowing you’re a different color than he is. I’m Puerto Rican and black, I know what I went through. I don’t want my son going through anything discriminative.”

Thanks to months of relentless negative media smears the Republican front-runner has now been transformed into a near demonic figure to many non-whites. Some are blaming him for their children misbehaving instead of their own poor parenting skills and Mexican kids have likened him to the chupacabra, a mythical creature that serves as an ethnic bogeyman. At this rate it won’t be long until liberals are calling for a national blame it on Trump day.