Former Ole Miss offensive tackle and projected top five NFL draft pick Laremy Tunsil is the latest poor role model in professional sports to wrap himself in the cloak of victimhood. The stud lineman saw his draft stock plummet like a rock after a social media video clip of him hitting the loco weed while wearing a gas mask bong hit the internet right before last Thursday’s first round began. Mr. Tunsil – who is now a proud member of the Miami Dolphins – lost millions of dollars in potential income due to his plunge to the thirteenth pick. So what’s a young man to do? Cry victim because God knows that it’s easier than just copping to his mistake and showing contrition.

CBS Sports reports “Dolphins reportedly believe they’ve identified Laremy Tunsil’s hacker”:

The Miami Dolphins believe they might’ve finally cracked the mystery of who was behind the draft night hacking of Laremy Tunsil’s social media accounts.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the team thinks that a former financial advisor, who worked for Tunsil, was the one who leaked the bong video onto Tunsil’s Twitter page. Although the Post didn’t reveal the name of the financial advisor, it did note that the man was fired by Tunsil sometime before the NFL Draft.

Tunsil’s lawyer, Steve Farese, didn’t confirm that a former financial adviser was the hacker, but he did rule out the suspect who everyone originally pointed to: Tunsil’s stepdad.

“Initially, that would be the low-hanging fruit. It was so counterintuitive, if that were the case, it wouldn’t make any sense,” Farese said in an interview with SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. “Now I’ve drifted away from those thoughts and don’t believe he had anything to do with it.”

After the draft, Tunsil’s stepdad, Lindsey Miller, adamantly denied that he was involved in the hacking.

As for the report that a former financial advisor was behind the hacking?

“There’s rumors out there about some financial agent, but that’s only something I read, and until we get to the facts of the situation, who can say?” Farese said. “I think in the next week or so, we’ll find out for sure who the culprit is.”

After the bong video was released, Tunsil’s stock took a huge hit. Multiple reports have said that the Ravens were going to draft Tunsil with the sixth overall pick, but the team ended up passing on him after the video came out.

Tunsil ended up going 13th overall to the Dolphins, a seven-spot drop that could end up costing him as much as $8.03 million over the life of his rookie deal.

Having gotten a heck of a bargain bargain, Tunsil’s new employer is eager to please their new employee by helping to nab the culprit who posted the offending imagery. Tunsil and his lawyers will inevitably sue for damages although it’s unlikely that the poor schmuck has a pot to piss in and will never be able to to pay. The blame however, belongs squarely upon the broad shoulders of young Tunsil who proved that he has fewer functional brain cells than a tackling dummy for allowing the video to be taken in the first place.

The Dolphins and their new starting tackle will kick off the 2016 season on September 11 on the road against the Seattle Seahawks. That is unless Tunsil gets caught puffing the magic dragon again and has his dumb ass suspended for violating the NFL drug policy.