Doubling down on gender politics, Team Hillary has exploited GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s comments over her playing the woman’s card and has now done exactly that. Continuing to traffic in the politics of divisiveness that have been their bread and butter for years, the Democrats are shifting on the fly to adapt their meme to that of the persecuted woman as Obama’s final months in office tick down. Now the color of one’s skin will become less important than what is between one’s legs.

Ever the shameless opportunist, Mrs. Clinton pounced on Trump’s comments after his running of the table in last Tuesday’s Acela primary that put the two of them on a collision course in the general election. Hillary not only glommed onto the Donald’s pointing out that her political bread and butter is the exploitation of her womanhood but immediately turned it into a nice bumper sticker slogan of “Deal Me In”. To top it off, her official website kicked off a promotion offering cheesy pink Hillary for America “Woman Card” to any suckers willing to make the required donation – and they will flock to do so.

As reported by The Hill “Hillary fundraising with ‘woman card’”:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is using comments GOP rival Donald Trump made earlier this week to raise money, asking supporters for donations in exchange for a “woman card.”

After winning Republican contests Tuesday, Trump took aim at Clinton, saying she’s only doing well in the Democratic primaries because of her gender.

“Donald Trump has been saying ‘the woman’s card’ is all Hillary has going for her,” read a fundraising email from the Clinton campaign sent out Friday morning.
“We’ve been hearing from supporters all over the country that they’d like a “woman card” of their very own — to display proudly on a fridge or pull out of their wallet every time they run into someone who says women who support Hillary must not be using our brains.”

Supporters who donate $1 or more will receive a pink “Official Hillary for America Woman Card” that reads at the bottom “Congratulations! You’re in the majority.”

The media can always be counted on to be asleep at the switch and again fails to call out what is a cynical and blatant foray into the politics of resentment on behalf of Queen Hillary. The Democrats may believe that they will be able to hide years of failed policies, rampant criminality and influence peddling inside of Mrs. Clinton’s vagina but it isn’t going to work.