The Republican war on Trump and the all but certain brokered convention in Cleveland this summer has been grabbing all the media attention but there are rumblings on the left that despite predictions of it’s demise that the Bernie Sanders socialist revolution is still kicking. As the pressure from the in the bag for Hillary Democratic party establishment continues to build against Sanders and with Clinton intimates saying that it’s time for her to whack the old commie altogether it now appears that Bernie is prepared to take his uprising directly to the palace – or more precisely the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The Guardian is reporting that “Bernie Sanders vows a contested convention despite ‘tough road’ ahead”:

Bernie Sanders acknowledged “an uphill climb” ahead of him in the Democratic nomination race on Sunday, but vowed to continue battling against Hillary Clinton despite his diminishing chances of catching her.

In a press conference to mark the one-year anniversary of an insurgent campaign that few ever imagined, he also revealed plans for a new series of mega-rallies in California and renewed calls on the party’s handpicked superdelegates to change their allegiances before this summer’s national convention.

The Vermont senator conceded that in order for such appeals to make a difference, he would also have to win a majority of the remaining “pledged delegates”, whose votes are fixed according to election results. He would require him to win 65% of those 1,083 in remaining states to have a chance.

“That is admittedly, and I do not deny it for a second, a tough road to climb, but it is not an impossible road to climb and we intend to fight for every vote in front of us and every delegate remaining,” Sanders told reporters.

“It is virtually impossible for Hillary Clinton to reach a majority of convention delegates by June 14, which is the last day a primary will be held, with pledged delegates alone,” he added. “She will need superdelegates to take her over the top at the convention in Philadelphia.

“In other words the convention will be a contested contest.”

Bernie’s continued intransigence is going to infuriate Queen Hillary the inevitable. Just imagine what would happen if a two-bit hustler were to march into the Bada Bing Club, poke a finger into Tony Soprano’s meaty chest and try to cut into his racket. The guy would end up just like Big Pussy Bonpensiero did – sleeping with the fishes – and Bernie is being sized up for a pair of cement shoes by the Clinton mafia.