In what should serve as an example of how big of a cottage industry that the permanent campaign has created in America, the flotsam and jetsam of the anti-Trump movement continues on despite the fact that Ted Cruz dropped out of the race on Tuesday. With Cruz gone it would seem that Trump has conquered all enemies – with the exception of the mysterious Mr. Kasich – and is the presumptive GOP nominee. Hell, even RNC boss Reinhold “Reince” Priebus was forced to admit as much. But the money vacuums that are the super PACs are still set on high and sucking in the money as long as the interests that fund them will keep writing the checks.

No one is more determined to keep raking in the dough than Katie Porker Packer. The former Mitt Romney operative who heads up the Our Principles PAC continues to talk a good game despite her organizations’ dismal record.

The Hill reports “Never Trump groups insist they will keep fighting”:

Groups aligned with the Never Trump movement are vowing to keep fighting after the billionaire’s victory in the Indiana primary on Tuesday moved him to the precipice of the GOP presidential nomination.

The biggest anti-Trump super-PAC, Our Principles PAC, said it will continue pushing to force a contested convention as long as Trump remains short of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination outright.

“A substantial number of delegates remain up for grabs in this highly unpredictable year,” said Katie Packer, chairwoman of the group.

“In addition, there is more than a month before the California primary — more time for Trump to continue to disqualify himself in the eyes of voters, as he did yet again today spreading absurd tabloid lies about Ted Cruz’s father and the JFK assassination,” she said.

Our Principles PAC, which is funded by billionaire Republican mega-donors and has spent more than $16 million opposing Trump so far, saw Indiana as a pivotal state to stop the billionaire’s march to the nomination.

The Never Trump group’s hope was that a Cruz win in Indiana would narrow the race to Cruz versus Trump and that Trump’s unpopularity among party insiders would ultimately defeat the billionaire at a contested Republican National Convention in July.

But Cruz stumbled in the final week before Indiana as polls showed Trump’s lead in the state growing. These stumbles included a bungled alliance with third-place candidate John Kasich and a much-ridiculed cultural misstep in which he called a basketball hoop a “ring.”

Packer said her group would fight Trump to the end. Donors, however, might be reluctant to keep funding the Never Trump movement’s increasingly improbable quest.

In the context of a being a former Romney loyalist, Packer’s tenacity can be understood. Mitt is still likely hoping to be the man on the white horse who swoops into Cleveland to rescue the party from the clutches of the evildoer Trump. In reality however it’s all about the money and Packer is rolling in it like a hog in slop. One has to wonder though if some of the moola sluicing into Our Principles may not just be laundered loot from the Clinton network, she represents the only legitimate chance at keeping the Donald out of the White House now. Queen Hillary who despite her ongoing troubles with the pesky socialist Bernie Sanders, is still the one who will preserve the corrupt status quo that Trump threatens to dismantle and that would justify the ongoing dumping of good money into the #NeverTrump effort.