Despite all of the millions of dollars flushed down the toilet by GOP establishment special interests and their dark money super PACS the Donald is the last man standing on the Republican side. Even meddlesome Mitt Romney the usurper has now decided that he will be staying away from Cleveland this summer after his brokered convention plans went up like a flaming bag of dog shit in his scaly paws on Tuesday night.

Now it’s the liberals’ turn to start spending and the first blast comes courtesy of longtime Clinton operative David Brock and his American Bridge propaganda shop. The meme is one that Trump screws everyone, a continuation of the failed GOPe Trump University line of attack and one that has a huge potential of blowback given all of the fucking that has been  attributed to the Clinton crime family over the years.

The Hill reports that “American Bridge launches ‘Donald Trump Screwed Me’ project”:

A liberal super-PAC on Thursday announced the launch of a new project to solicit information from people who have been “personally screwed” by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The project, titled “Donald Trump Screwed Me,” is an effort by American Bridge to share stories from current and former employees, tenants and people who have been scammed by Trump’s businesses. Digital ads will focus on Trump’s properties in Manhattan, Atlantic City and Palm Beach.

The website,, asks for people’s names and a description of their stories. It also asks whether that person would be willing to speak publicly about the experience.
“If you have been personally screwed by Donald Trump, or have a friend or relative who has been taken advantage of by Trump, we want to hear from you!” the website says.

“Telling your story will help make sure that others like you are not abused by Trump. Together, we can put an end to Donald Trump’s aggressive business tactics that hurt hard-working Americans while he’s padding his pockets with your blood, sweat, and money.”

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler said in a statement that the initiative is launching because “too many regular people have been hurt by Donald Trump’s exploitative self-enrichment and their stories deserve to be heard.”
“Trump built his fortune by preying on seniors, veterans, small businesses, and middle class families. He’s a con man who has consistently pushed the limits to take advantage regular people,” the statement said.

Mackler said Trump needs to be held accountable.

“So we at American Bridge encourage anyone who’s ever done business with Donald Trump to visit and share their story.”

Hardly original and the RipOff Report should consider suing Brock for stealing their idea but that’s liberals for you – no imagination. It will be interesting whether those who share their stories at Brock’s website have the surnames of Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Fiorina and Romney.