Before the Trump revolution reared its head, the oligarchy’s master plan was a Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush general election match-up. With the two political dynasties long having served the interests of the elite and being within the circle of trust, it was a win-win scenario for the pigs running the sty. But they never saw billionaire iconoclast Donald Trump coming and they sure as hell never expected him to rouse the sleeping giant of the moribund American electorate.

While Jeb Bush was blown to smithereens but that doesn’t mean that the corrupt spoils system has to go with him, Mrs. Clinton will see to it that the deck will remain stacked in their favor. It is being reported that goons from Team Hillary are burning up phone lines to have Bush’s loot redirected to her campaign.

According to Politico “Hillary forces target Bush donors”:

Hillary Clinton’s supporters in recent days have been making a furious round of calls to top Bush family donors to try to convince them that she represents their values better than Donald Trump, multiple sources in both parties told Politico.

The moves come as Clinton and the Democratic Party try to take advantage of deep unease among establishment Republicans on Wall Street and elsewhere with Trump’s emergence as the presumptive Republican nominee.

Top targets for the Clinton team include people like Woody Johnson, Jeb Bush’s former finance chair and the owner of the New York Jets. In recent days, Bush’s brother and father, former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, have said they plan to skip Trump’s nominating convention.

One person close to Clinton said supporters of the former secretary of state drew up a list of Wall Street donors who supported Jeb Bush and other unsuccessful Republican candidates months ago but wanted to wait until Trump locked down the nomination before beginning to make the calls.

And give to Hillary they will. Many Bush backers – like Florida health care high-roller Mike Fernandez – are already on record as saying that they would back Hillary over Trump. There is a fingernail chewing dread among the big shots and fat cats that Trump will bring the racketeering to a screeching halt. That won’t be the case with Hillary, a woman who is so crooked that she has to screw her pantsuit on in the morning.