Like a really bad case of genital herpes or a malignant crab lice infestation, the egomaniac Mitt Romney just won’t go away. Romney, who screwed all of America by losing a very winnable election to Emperor Barack Obama in 2012 continues to work at ensuring that Hillary Clinton will be his successor. After the triumphant Trump forced tricky Ted Cruz out of the race with a smashing win in Indiana’s primary and seized the nomination by the throat the obsessed Romney can’t let it go. Shaving enough delegates to force a brokered convention was always Mitt’s baby but the voters thwarted that scheme – at least for the time being – and now Romney is switching to plan B.

Romney and neocon Grand Poobah have met in secret to engineer the entry of a third party challenge to Trump – maybe even the Mittster himself. The Washington Post reports on the extraordinary hook up in the story “Mitt Romney met privately with William Kristol, who is leading the effort to draft an independent candidate”:

In spite of his insistence that he will not run, Mitt Romney is being courted this week by a leading conservative commentator to reconsider and jump into the volatile 2016 presidential race as an independent candidate.

William Kristol, the longtime editor of the Weekly Standard magazine and a leading voice on the right, met privately with the 2012 nominee on Thursday afternoon to discuss the possibility of launching an independent bid, potentially with Romney as its standard-bearer.

“He came pretty close to being elected president, so I thought he may consider doing it, especially since he has been very forthright in explaining why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should not be president of the United States,” Kristol said in a phone interview Friday, during which he confirmed that he and Romney had a “little meeting in Washington.”

But knowing Romney’s reluctance, Kristol told Romney that if he remains unwilling to run, many top conservatives would appreciate having the former Massachusetts governor’s support for an independent candidate, should Kristol and other right-leaning figures enlist a willing contender.

“Obviously, if there were to be an independent candidacy, Romney’s support would be very important,” Kristol said. “I wanted to get his wisdom on whether it was more or less doable than I thought.”

What Kristol is proposing would crush the Republican party into dust, result in the likely loss of both the House and the Senate and ensure that Queen Hillary would not only select deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s successor but also at least two more SCOTUS judges. Nice move by Mitch McConnell by not caving in to the swishy moderate Merrick Garland because he is going to look like Alabama’s Roy Moore compared to the liberal fanatic that the Clintons will appoint.

Kristol and Romney aren’t the only ones scheming for a third party candidate, Red State blog founder Erick Erickson – an overbearing, overstuffed swine – has his own effort going like he’s some sort of modern day version of Churchill pulling out all stops to beat Hitler. With many big name RINO’s in open rebellion against Trump – Paul Ryan comes to mind – these idiots are going to destroy the country out of their own selfish arrogance in not going along with the will of the people. Get used to hearing the term “President Hillary Clinton” because the Romney ratpack isn’t satisfied with just losing – they have to lose BIG.