Presumptive Republican party nominee Donald Trump isn’t about to put up with imperial Washington’s Beltway business as usual bullshit. In a move that has the establishment scrambling like rats before the man from Orkin, Trump fired a warning shot across the bow of golden boy Paul Ryan. The corporate Trojan horse and Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) accomplice made the grave error of trying to steal Trump’s thunder despite the will of the voters and he may be about to pay a terrible price.

The New York Times reports “Donald Trump’s Warning to Paul Ryan Signals Further G.O.P. Discord”:

The rift in the Republican Party grew deeper on Sunday and threatened to upset the July convention as Donald J. Trump refused to rule out removing Paul D. Ryan, the speaker of the House, as the convention’s chairman.

Mr. Trump’s warning was his latest affront to Republicans who have urged him to adopt a more cooperative and unifying tone. And it amounted to an extraordinary escalation in tensions between the party’s presumptive nominee and its highest-ranking officeholder.

In a series of television interviews that aired Sunday, Mr. Trump demonstrated little interest in making peace with party leaders like Mr. Ryan who have called on him to more convincingly lay out his commitment to the issues and ideas that have animated the conservative movement for the last generation.

“I’m going to do what I have to do — I have millions of people that voted for me,” Mr. Trump said on ABC’s “This Week.” “So I have to stay true to my principles also. And I’m a conservative, but don’t forget, this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party.”

Sarah Palin – the Catwoman to Trump’s Batman – will be lending her cred with the base to assist Ryan’s primary opponent- Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen in his efforts to oust the Speaker. While it was a real longshot for Nehlen, now that reluctant Ryan has publicly snubbed Trump after he all but clinched the nomination the challenger should see increased support and media attention in the coming weeks.

Palin appeared on CNN’s Sunday morning blabfest State of the Union to declare war on Ryan. As reported by the network in the story “Palin will work to defeat Ryan in primary for Trump stance”:

Sarah Palin will work to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan by backing his primary opponent in Wisconsin, the former Alaska governor told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Palin said in an interview that airs Sunday on “State of the Union” that her decision was sparked by Ryan’s bombshell announcement to Tapper last week that he wasn’t yet ready to support Donald Trump, the Republican presumptive nominee. Palin endorsed Trump back in January.

“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be ‘Cantored,’ as in Eric Cantor,” Palin said, referring to the former Republican House majority leader who was ousted in a shocking upset in 2014 when challenger Dave Brat ran to his right in a Virginia primary.

“His political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people, and as the leader of the GOP, the convention, certainly he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support is not a wise decision of his,” Palin continued.

Fortunately for the talented Mr. Ryan – as a full-fledged member of the Cheesehead mafia – he can fall back on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s formidable state political machine to assist him. It should be hitting on all cylinders too after being mobilized against Trump in the primary that was supposed to destroy him but didn’t. Ryan will also be getting a boost from all of the out of state cash sluicing in from special interests that need him to work with the outgoing Obama to ensure that the job-murdering, sovereignty shredding TPP gets rammed up the asses of Americans in the lame duck session.

But with Trump drawing a bead on Ryan and Palin working to bolster the ground game anything can happen – just ask Eric Cantor.