Some establishment Republicans are refusing to support presumptive nominee Donald Trump to the extent of fielding a third party candidate. This is a reckless endeavor that will only succeed in putting Hillary Clinton into the White House where she will continue Barack Obama’s radical transformation of America. The group is headed up by Red State founder Erick Erickson who now fancies himself to be a kingmaker or in this case, a queenmaker.

CNN reports that “Conservative leaders launch effort to find alternative to Trump”:

Saying this is not just a fight for the “heart and soul of the Republican Party” but a battle for the future of the country, the group known as Conservatives Against Trump issued a statement Saturday saying: “This week, Conservatives Against Trump launched a formal effort to identify an acceptable alternative candidate to run for president against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The group of activists — which includes radio talk show host Erick Erickson, former George W. Bush adviser Bill Wichterman and businessman Bob Fischer — did not specifically pledge to back a third-party or independent candidate. Nor did it say they will support the same person in every state.

“We believe the political environment remains wide open for a qualified conservative candidate to emerge,” the group said. “We are working to identify an alternative candidate, obtain the necessary ballot access through a state-by-state effort and develop a comprehensive campaign plan to enable victory in November.”

The group, which includes dozens of conservative leaders, vowed not to stay away from the polls come election day. “We will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton; but we will vote,” the statement concluded.

Erickson told CNN’s Dana Bash earlier this week, “Donald Trump cannot consolidate the Republican base, and many Republicans cannot accept a Hillary Clinton donor as the Republican nominee. If the delegates ratify this madness in Cleveland, many of us will look elsewhere for a credible candidate to oppose both Trump and Clinton.” He added: “We will begin now laying the groundwork for an exit strategy from Donald Trump’s Republican Party.”

Erickson has long been a ferocious critic of Trump, it was he who sought to pull off a Tonya Harding style kneecapping of the candidate last year when he disinvited the billionaire from speaking at the big Red State gathering whoop de do. Erickson’s move coincided with the coordinated media swarm attack during the great Megyn Kelly vaginal blood flow controversy where a Trump criticism of the Fox News’s blond bombshell was hijacked and twisted to serve the establishment’s purposes. The RINO’s co-own the Trump as woman-hater meme right alongside of the Clinton machine, considering how the Never Trumpers are going to end up getting her corrupt ass elected it is a legitimate question that should posed as to whether they are colluding.

While Erickson is playing coy over actually supporting the third party candidate it is nothing but a dodge, the process itself is an endorsement of Mrs. Clinton. He consider some honesty in advertising and rename Conservatives Against Trump to Conservatives For Clinton.