When Joseph Lieberman retired from the U.S. Senate, the Sunday morning gang of which John McCain and Lindsey Graham also belonged and who were affectionately known as the “three amigos” was left with a gaping hole to fill. So it was that Lieberman’s place was taken by New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte, making the amigos into a shining example of diversity. A grouchy old white man, a closeted homosexual and a woman was a symbol of the new inclusive GOP. The amigos even reached out to a token Hispanic in Marco Rubio who joined them as another so-called expert on a foreign policy that has been akin to a corpse filled dumpster fire.

Ayotte, who some might recall as the woman who pitched a fit a few years back when the budget battles forced the Senate to work overtime and made her miss The Nutcracker with her daughter, is in big political trouble. So much so that she has broken with her Trump hating companions and will be supporting the presumptive Republican nominee.

Boston.com reports “New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte affirms she’ll support Trump as nominee”:

A day after Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee for the Republican party, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, reaffirmed her plan to support him in a general election.

“As she’s said from the beginning, Kelly plans to support the nominee,” a spokesperson for Ayotte told WMUR.

New Hampshire is typically a swing state, and Ayotte faces a tough rival in Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan. But that already formidable challenge is made more difficult by the looming presence of Trump on the ballot.

In a recent poll from WMUR, 75 percent of likely New Hampshire voters said they had an unfavorable view of the businessman. That’s not a one-state anomaly; voters dislike Trump at a historically unprecedented level for a major party nominee, according to polling from the Associated Press-GfK.

The media keeps on invoking polls that show that Trump is not popular but that flies in the face of what Republican voters have shown. The Democrats are going to find themselves in dire straits is they are counting on such polls because Trump has stirred the silent majority and they should beware the “monster vote” that will wash Hillary off the street like so much three day old vomit.

Senator Ayotte is trying to have it both ways by supporting but not endorsing Trump but it’s true to form for a disingenuous establishment weasel. It’s a move of the necessity to save her own ass rather than one of unity to block the Clinton restoration, one of many to come as career politicians work to protect their positions at the public feeding trough.