The laptop snipers at the Washington Post editorial board never sleep in their raging jihad against Donald Trump. The presumptive GOP nominee has been slimed as everything from a racist to a fascist to a misogynist to a Nazi by the professional character assassins at the WAPO. Today the wheel was spun and landed on Jew hater as a sleazy new piece by media blogger Eric Wemple linked the Donald to alleged anti-Semitic slurs hurled against a writer over an article critical of Trump’s spouse.

The column is entitled “Police report reflects the ugliness of the Trump era” and is a jaw-dropping example of the epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome at the WAPO. I excerpt the following from Wemple’s disgraceful screed:

Julia Ioffe has filed a report with the D.C. police department over the anti-Semitic threats that she received — many from apparent Trump supporters — after writing a penetrating profile of Melania Trump in GQ.

The alleged offense is listed as “threat to kidnap or injure a person,” as outlined under the Code of the District of Columbia 22-1810. Said threats came through phone calls and email, notes the report. And the “public narrative” section reads as follows: “C-1 states that an unknown person sent her a caricature of a person being shot in the back of the head by another, among other harassing calls and disturbing emails depicting violent scenarios.”

The larger “public narrative” here is almost a year old. Since last June, Donald Trump has run a presidential campaign on bigotry, racism, sexism and frat-house insults. The show has attracted the interest and endorsement — surprise! — of white nationalist groups and figures such as David Duke, a former KKK official. At pretty much the same time, Trump has made a vocation of hammering media coverage of his candidacy, pointing with disdain at offending camera operators at his rally, calling the profession disgusting and dishonest and on and on.


Hate site the Daily Stormer responded with a story titled, “Empress Melania Attacked by Filthy Russian Kike Julia Ioffe in GQ!” The attacks against Ioffe then started flowing over social media, email and phone. The Erik Wemple Blog cited some examples of the vileness in this post. Several of the blasts came from people who showed signs that they supported Trump. “The Trumps have a record of kind of whistling their followers into action,” the 33-year-old Ioffe told the Erik Wemple Blog. A quarter-century ago, Ioffe and her family fled anti-Semitism in Russia and moved to the United States. She has worked at the New Republic and written for the New York Times Magazine; she recently joined Politico Magazine as a contributing writer.

In an interview last week with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Trump said, “I haven’t read the article, but I heard it was a very inaccurate article, and I heard it was a nasty article,” said Trump, showing off his intellectual independence. Speaking of Melania Trump, the candidate said, “She doesn’t need to have bad things said about her.” Pressed on the anti-Semitic threats, Trump said he didn’t know anything about the situation. “You’ll have to talk to them about it,” he told Blitzer, before ripping the press for being “dishonest.”

CNN’s millionaire celebrity host Wolf Blitzer’s past as an editor and contributor for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is never mentioned, not that it would be relevant when he is raking Trump over the coals over alleged anti-Semitism or anything like that. Wemple isn’t the only Washington Post columnist to link Trump to anti-Semitism, his cohort Dana Milbank stooped so low that he not only smeared a man who may be the next American president as a Nazi but exploited actual victims of the Holocaust in order to make his case.

There isn’t very much in America that has quite the power and shock value of being the target of the dreaded anti-Semitic card and normally it would be beyond the pale to do so to the likely nominee of one of our two major parties but the WAPO is going there. Next thing you know they will be cranking out diatribes accusing him of being a child molester as well.