On Tuesday more speed bumps appeared on the road to the Clinton restoration as the resilient Bernie Sanders rolled on. Were it not for the Trump revolution, the uncanny challenge from the braying old socialist goat would be the political story of the year. Sanders has been able to capitalize on a growing awareness with voters that globalization is and always has been a scam that only benefits pigs like the Clintons and their ilk and that they’ve been getting ripped off for decades.

Combine the rejection of neoliberalism with Hillary’s dishonesty and unlikeable personality – a poisonous eel is more cuddly – along with old Bernie’s promises of freebies and class warfare and it’s the perfect storm. Sanders whacked the piranha in a pantsuit in the West Virginia primary contributing to her problem with the optics of being a piss poor candidate. Despite the game being rigged to ensure her nomination there is a growing restiveness in the Clinton command bunker.

Politico reports on last night’s chaos “Hillary Clinton’s primary quagmire”:

Hours before the West Virginia polls closed Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers got a memo from campaign manager Robby Mook. The message: Even if Bernie runs the table in the remaining states, he still can’t win.

It’s a well-known point by now, but it’s still one Mook needed to make as Clinton sputters toward the finish line, loaded down with the baggage of recent losses in Indiana and West Virginia and the prospect of a few more losses still to come.

This wasn’t the way the Democratic primary was supposed to end. Clinton may have turned her focus to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but at the same time her campaign is forced to continue fighting a rear-guard action against Bernie Sanders, who shows no sign of surrender.

Indeed Hillary is now fighting a two-front war, such a thing destroyed Nazi Germany and Hitler was never the same after the Russians won the blood soaked battle of attrition at Stalingrad. Sanders is not going to give up either, he’s taking his revolution all the way to the palace at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly in July. It is yet another recurrence of inability to close the deal for the Clinton mob although the stacked DNC and Hillary loyalist Debbie “the carp” Wasserman-Schultz will eventually do away with Bernie and his Bolseheviks after being rolled by Obama in 2008. There could however be a fracturing and either a late Sanders third party run (unlikely), voter boycott of the election (likely) or the doomsday scenario of Bernie supporters bolting for Trump (Armageddon) all of which will rub the Democratic party establishment’s noses into the pile of manure that they have created.

Further compounding Clinton’s problems is that Trump is now ratcheting up the attacks on Hillary and there is that indictment thing as well. While Bernie’s socialist utopia is never going to happen it sure makes for good entertainment watching this shitshow unfold.