It seems like Groundhog Day again as failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has slithered out to once again insert himself into the general election equation. The Trump-hating opposition forces have decided that they are going to try to resuscitate smear campaigns that have already failed in a last ditch effort to keep power safely in the hands of the establishment. This group counts among it’s members both Hillary Clinton and Romney as well as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and pretty much every heavy political hitter with the exception of batshit Bernie who is living some sort of Marxist fantasy. So it was with great fanfare that Romney once again demanded that Trump release his tax returns and insinuated that something so vile is hidden within that it would disqualify him from the presidency.

Taxpayer subsidized liberal propaganda megaphone National Public Radio (NPR) hails Romney’s latest sleazy innuendos about Trump’s taxes in the article “Mitt Romney: Trump’s Decision To Not Release Tax Returns Is ‘Disqualifying’”:

A day after de facto Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said “there’s nothing to learn” from making his tax returns public before this November’s elections, the billionaire is taking heat from the party’s 2012 nominee over that stance.

“It is disqualifying for a modern-day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to the voters,” said Mitt Romney in a post on Facebook.

Trump insists he won’t release his returns until the Internal Revenue Service has finished auditing them. An NPR fact check from February found that there was no law that prohibited the release of tax returns that were under audit.

There is a curious echo to Romney’s accusation of a “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns. Romney, the former CEO of a private equity firm, came under similar scrutiny in 2012 when he released only two years of tax returns in 2012 — and after coming under considerable pressure from the Obama campaign and some Republicans.

Trump’s decision to withhold the tax returns would break a nearly 40-year tradition for presidents and major presidential candidates, according to the Tax History Project.

“There is only one logical explanation for Mr. Trump’s refusal to release his returns: There is a bombshell in them,” Romney said. “Given Mr. Trump’s equanimity with other flaws in his history, we can only assume it’s a bombshell of unusual size.”

Romney’s “bombshell” comes as the anti-Trumpers are pushing the meme that the billionaire has ties to the mafia and organized crime so look for this to break in time for the weekend news cycle and the Sunday morning shows where good old Mitt just may pop up. It’s probably likely that at some point in his capacity as a businessman that Trump had to cut some deals with the mob – just like every big real estate developer looking to do business in the Big Apple as well as New York politicians. You do have to say one thing about the mob, at least they have a code of honor unlike Romney and the other whores and swine who have made politics into their lifelong careers and a never-ending smash and grab looting spree perpetrated on American taxpayers.

Mitt of course stands to benefit from any diminishment of support for Trump. He already met with neocon power broker William Kristol who is searching for a third party candidate that will hand the election to Hillary. Romney didn’t want to bother with actually competing for the nomination like 17 others did, he is after all entitled. Romney’s opinion of himself has always outweighed that of the voters which should have been a message to him after he was whipped like a mangy dog by Obama in 2012. But Romney’s arrogance knows no bounds and his newest mission if it results in a third party challenge will only ensure that Hillary Clinton is sworn in as POTUS come January 2017.