Last year the book Clinton Cash was an early shot across the bow to Queen Hillary’s relentless drive to the White House. Peter Schweizer’s expose of the Clinton crime family’s network of global influence peddling and money laundering was a devastating indictment of the corruption within the Clinton Foundation and Bill and Hillary’s cashing in on their government service to feather their own nests. It was denounced far and wide by the liberal media and Clinton surrogates as just another part of that “vast right wing conspiracy” that has persecuted the Arkansas syndicate since the 1990’s which is par for the course. After a big rollout, the book was essentially buried by the media but it’s about to return with a vengeance in the form of a movie that will be released just in time for the Democratic party convention with a twist – it’s targeted at liberals.

The Guardian reports “Clinton Cash film aims to cause likely Democratic nominee maximum damage”:

When delegates to the Democratic national convention gather in Philadelphia at the end of July to – almost certainly – nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, they may be in for a bit of a surprise. The night before the opening ceremonies, a film will be premiered in the city that portrays her in a very different light from the official biography.

Clinton Cash is an hour-long cinematic version of the book of the same name that caused quite a stir when it was published a year ago. In lurid images of blood-splattered dollars fluttering down over warlords in conflict zones, accompanied by a menacing soundtrack worthy of a horror classic, the film seeks to distill in punchy form the central message of the book: that Hillary and Bill Clinton, since leaving the White House famously “dead broke” in 2001, have amassed a vast fortune of more than $200m by blurring the lines between public office, their philanthropic foundation, lucrative speaker fees and friendships with dubious characters around the world.

As the book’s author, and main narrator of the film, Peter Schweizer, puts it on camera: “The elites of these countries are getting rich, the Clintons are getting rich, and the money is not trickling down to the people.” Along the way, he alleges, the Clintons “have betrayed their own principles”.

It’s a powerful message, one that is clearly designed to stir up trouble at the convention at just the moment when Clinton should be revelling in her victory in the Democratic race. For the Clinton campaign it will have an air of deja vu, as they had to deal with the turbulence caused by the book in May 2015.

On that occasion they attempted to swat away its attacks by denouncing Schweizer’s work as a “smear project” that amounted to a “concerted effort to bring the Clinton Foundation down”.

With Donald Trump having successfully defeated the Bush dynasty, the big money is simply going to shift to backing Clinton – especially from the Wall Street looters who blew up the economy in 2008 and have had their casino operations reflated to bigger than ever by the Obama regime and it’s Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen. Bush vs. Clinton was always a win-win for the money changers who were backing both horses. Now they have simply shifted to Hillary who despite her massive unpopularity and the unforeseen resistance from the Bernie brigades will still take the nomination in Philly courtesy of a rigged delegate system.

While the film won’t be enough to derail Clinton’s crowing as the Democratic nominee – that much has been preordained since mid-2008 – it just may sow some seeds of doubt as to the true nature of the moral character (or lack thereof) of Mrs. Clinton. She is going to be depending on using the politics of divisiveness of the phony war on women as well as the drive to throw open women’s restrooms to transvestites and perverts and Clinton Cash could shift the topics and thwart the identity group based assault on Trump. It is imperative to strip away the facade of liberal crusader from Hillary in order to reveal that she is just a soulless reprobate and a globalist gangster out to finish the job of strip-mining America for her paymasters.