One of the birthright privileges of being an American who happens to live in late stage Obamastan is the joy of having to submit to the authority of uniformed government goons during air travel. You know, bow to the man, take off your belt and shoes and walk upon a carpet of foot fungus, fear for your children who are being eyed by leering TSA perverts and most of all waiting in line for hours at a time. It’s gotten to be like something out of a Soviet Bloc country during the height of the Cold War and if that’s not enough – you have to pay extra for your freaking baggage now and the airlines pack you in like sardines to boot.

Such is life in the land of fear-stricken sheep after the 9/11 attacks – the ones that the feds won’t investigate the Saudis for – gave big government the perfect excuse to go full blown fascist. But this year the patience of travelers will be severely tested due to staffing problems and general incompetence at the TSA and Obama’s affirmative action hire Jeh Johnson is urging Americans to just deal with it.

According to CNN “TSA security line waits inevitable, DHS secretary says”:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will immediately increase the use of overtime and work to quickly bring in more screening officers to help alleviate long lines at airport security checkpoints, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday.

But Johnson warned that wait times are inevitable during the busy summer travel season.

“We encourage people to have the appropriate expectations when they arrive at airports,” Johnson said at a press conference at Reagan National Airport outside Washington. “Contemplate increased wait times as you travel.”

The Transportation Security Administration also will move to accelerate the hiring of 768 new security officers it had planned to bring on during 2016, Johnson said. The agency hopes to have those officers in place this summer, possibly as early as mid-June, he said.

The TSA will take other steps, including deploying more canines to assist in screening, giving airport security directors more flexibility in assigning employees and seeking help from airlines with “non-security” work such as moving bins, Johnson said.

But the government cannot take any shortcuts that could endanger security, he said. “We want to keep passengers moving, but we want to keep passengers safe,” Johnson said.

Yes, “keep us safe” has become the standard mantra to just about everything as taxpayer dollars continue to be directed to the massive surveillance state Gomorrah that arose after every contractor with a lick of sense realized that the new growth market was fear when the towers fell and joined the gold rush. The government -as could be expected – exercised the Rahm Emanuel maxim of never let a good crisis go to waste and slammed through a vast expansion of police state power that ended up being the bloated monstrosity that is the TSA. And Americans took off their shoes and bowed their heads.

With tempers fraying and more and more Americans rebelling against the corrupt system, one has to wonder just how long that this farce will continue. Will someone – anyone – get up the gumption to stage a huge protest like a sit in that brings everything to a screeching halt and gets media attention? There is nothing that screams communism quite like the TSA and the restriction of the right to unimpeded travel of previously “free” Americans. It would be the cherry on top of the shit cake in this year of political rebellion if someone had the stones to simply say – no more!